Welcome to the University Math Center!

The CWU Math Center supports all general education Math and Quantitative Reasoning courses, as well as many other courses that have a mathematical basis. We welcome students to our virtual space and will offer in-person tutoring services.

Per recommendations by the University and our local Health Department, LC services will run online and in person. You can book online appointments or in-person appointments by calling 503-902-5163‬, emailing, or by clicking the link below.

  • Location

    The University Math Center is located on the first floor of Brooks Library.

    Tutoring Services will be provided through Zoom appointments and in-person tutoring appointments. (Please contact us for availability and to make appointments)

  • Hours

    Fall 2021 Hours:

  • Contact Us

    To contact us, please send a message to

    For immediate assistance, please call 503-902-5163‬.

  • Math Center FAQ

    Can I get help for any math class?

    We support all general education quantitative reasoning courses and all 100-level math and physics courses. If you have need of higher-level math or physics help, we are happy to facilitate study groups based on our tutors' content knowledge. We staff tutors who have expertise in math, physics, and actuarial science. While we can't support all classes on a drop-in basis, you are more than welcome to ask for a tutor's work schedule if they have the content knowledge you are hoping to be matched with. You can then set up appointments or visit them when they are scheduled.

    Can I do my math homework in the Math Center?

    Usually, but due to Covid 19 space is limited.

    You can log into Zoom sessions to conplete homework with a tutor available if you have any questions.

    Can a tutor help me with a quiz or test?

    As a general rule, no. This would be considered academic dishonesty. However, some professors do allow students to get help on take-home quizzes. If this is the case, the professor will communicate directly with us so that we do not violate assignment expectations. Therefore, unless we have heard from a professor, we will not under any circumstance help students with quizzes or tests.

    Can I request a study group in the Math Center?

    Yes, but only if it's for a class not already supported by PALS (please see our PALS schedule).

  • Suggestions?

    Our Math Center Team is constantly trying to find ways to serve you in the best way we can.

    Let us know what we are doing well and how we can improve to better serve the needs of our Wildcat Community!