CWU Summer Math Bridge

The 2021 CWU Summer Online Math Bridge Program is available for registration. Students who wish to improve their placement and save time and money to degree can choose one of two 6-week sessions. Improving your placement can save you up to two quarters of pre-requisite math courses and help you stay on track for degree completion within four years.

Any current student or incoming student who is fully admitted to CWU and plans to register for fall courses may take the Online Bridge for FREE. The Bridge provides students with 1:1 help with a CWU math consultant, who will work alongside the student through learning modules within ALEKS, an intelligent software system aimed at helping students gain mastery over essential math skills.

In order to participate, students must have internet access and be willing to commit at least six hours per week to improvement of skills. Our data shows a strong correlation between time spent in the Bridge and improved placement scores. Math Consultants will meet with students via Zoom at regularly scheduled times each week (many flexible options available), and then students spend the rest of their time within ALEKS. This allows for a great deal of flexibility to help students manage work hours or other family obligations while still helping them gain skills that lead to improvement.

The Online Math Bridge has been highly successful for many students and only requires a positive mindset, commitment to meeting your goals and the willingness to learn!

In order to secure a seat in the math bridge, you must be willing to fully participate and you must have internet access. Please check the following boxes to indicate that you are aware of the requirements for enrolling in the math bridge.
A valid phone # is required. We will call you to set up the weekly session times with your math consultant a couple days prior to the start of your Bridge session.
Enter area code and number with no extra characters
Please provide us with some information on your intended course of study. This helps us connect you with the math learning plan. It's okay if you don't know for sure, but make your best guess at this point in time.
Please enter the placement score from your most recent ALEKS placement attempt. This helps us place you with the right math consultant and help us prepare the right resources to help you. Please note that you do have the take the ALEKS through CWU prior to registering for the math bridge. It is important that you take it through CWU, not another institution, or you will have to pay to take it again in order to participate in the math bridge.