Academic Success Center Resources for Faculty

Faculty can find information below on how to share ASC services with their students and access tutoring reports.

  • Syllabi Statements for ASC Services

    The University Writing Center:

    Every writer needs a reader. Regardless of your background or experience with writing, the University Writing Center stands ready to assist you as you write and revise for any assignment or other purpose. In the Writing Center, trained peer writing tutors offer you free, one-on-one feedback on any aspect of your writing, from choosing a topic to evaluating evidence, organizing details to citing sources. Whether you excel in writing or not, consider the value of asking for feedback from one who is trained and dedicated to helping you become the best writer you can be. Walk-ins are welcome as availability allows, but to make an appointment, you can call the Center at 963-1270, e-mail them at, or visit the Writing Center website.

    Academic Coaching:

    Learning study strategies for college classes requires students to adopt and practice new skills. If you would like to discover ways to effectively study that save you time and help you remember what you are learning, connect with an academic coach. You will work 1:1 with a coach to develop a personalized study plan that is based on your unique strengths and areas for improvement. You can book an appointment by visiting Tutortrac and signing in with your MyCWU sign-in credentials. You can also email

  • How to Access Faculty Reports on Tutoring

    All faculty have access to reports within TutorTrac. Please download our Faculty Referral and Reporting Guide to view full instructions.

    This report is also available on the main menu page after logging into TutorTrac. Please go to Tutortrac and login with your CWU credentials to access all features of faculty reports and referrals.

    Questions? Email us at for help.

  • How to Create a Faculty Referral for Academic Coaching

    Faculty can make referrals for students in their courses to academic coaching if they feel that the student may need help with goal setting, time management, study skills, or other academic strategies that would lead to better course success. The referrals will automatically generate a response within our software, and then the ASC will reach out to the student to schedule a time to connect with an academic coach. Faculty can also request that students use Tutortrac, the self-scheduling software, to make their own appointments with coaches, which results in faster turn-around.

    To make a referral, please see our Faculty Referral and Reporting Guide. You can visit Tutortrac and login with your CWU credentials to access all features of faculty reports and referrals.

    Questions? Email us at for help.