Welcome to the Academic Success Center!

CWU's Academic Success Center welcomes all students to engage in academic excellence. Students who wish to succeed in the classroom are invited to work with us to develop skills and habits that accelerate learning and deepen understanding of course content.  Our peer-to-peer collaboration model makes us one of the most popular spots to visit on CWU's campus. Students who use our services have, on average, much higher success rates in their courses. 

We offer many services that will meet your needs wherever you are at, from tutoring to academic coaching to study groups (PALS). Come visit early and often for success!

The Academic Success Center is located in Brooks Library. You can check-in with us at the ASC main desk on the ground floor (make a left at the circulation desk).

Our administrative staff is available M-TH 8am - 7pm and F 8am - 5pm. Tutoring hours vary depending on the service. Please click on an individual center for each center's schedule.



Contact us at 509-963-1270 or email tutoring@cwu.edu.

The Academic Success Center, through its resources and opportunities, empowers students to pursue academic excellence. By improving learning strategies, by engaging a diverse body of students, and by collaborating with academic and student life, the ASC promotes student development and achievement.

The Academic Success Center will create collaborative academic programs that promote student success, access, inclusivity, and engaged learning. We will provide academic support in a safe environment with trained peer consultants to promote student persistence, retention, and completion. The ASC will achieve national recognition as a standard-bearer program for learning assistance.

The ASC provides tutoring, academic coaching, and development education. Tutoring is available in a variety of formats, including the University Math Center, the University Writing Center, PALs, Academic Coaching, and Online Tutoring. All students are welcome to avail themselves of any of these free tutoring services offered.

The ASC also oversees all developmental education at Central Washington University. This includes Transitional English (ENG 100T) and Developmental Math (MATH 100A, 100B, 100C). If you have questions about Developmental Education at CWU, please contact Katie.Boswell@cwu.edu.


We place a high value on learning. We do this by promoting growth mindset and helping others apply growth mindset to learning content and study skills that will aid them in achieving their goals.


We welcome all students and strive to create a sense of belonging through our peer-to-peer programming. Students seeking help should expect to find us open, caring, and non-judgemental. 


We serve to support the mission of CWU. To do so, we act with integrity at all times. We are honest and hold high standards of moral behavior. Our actions are consistent with our words. We hold a strong work ethic, which means not doing the bare minimum, but fully engaging in our work in the service of others. We are diligent and focused, always committed to acting in the best interests of our students, our program, and our university.


We show our dedication to students through service, passion, practice, and responsibility. 


We show respect to others by being honest, competent, cooperative, and forward-thinking.  We recognize that all humans deserve to be looked at through a referential lens.

Welcome to CWU Academic Success Center! Our team is committed and motivated to create opportunities for students to excel academically. We are a dedicated team who truly care about what we do and care about students, and we welcome you to join us in our love for learning. We in the ASC work hard to make sure our core values are reflected in everything we do, and we are proud to be a nationally certified program. We welcome feedback and encourage you to use all of the resources that are available to you.

Katie Boswell, Director,
National Certified Learning Center Professional, Level 3
President-Elect, College Reading and Learning Association Northwest