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Academic Suspension Appeals

Instructions for Submitting an Academic Suspension Appeal

A few important things you should know about the web-based Academic Suspension Appeal submission process:

1. Meeting with an advisor is no longer REQUIRED for you to submit an Appeal; however, it is strongly recommended prior to submitting your appeal.  Therefore, in order to allow your advisor time to submit a comment card on your behalf, you should meet with your advisor AT LEAST two weeks prior to the appeal deadline.

2. There are required fields in the form, designated with an asterisk *-- including, in the section titled Explanation of Academic Performance – your uploaded document with  your answers to questions 1 & 2.

3. If you have supporting documentation to verify extenuating circumstances, i.e.: a Doctor’s note, court documents, etc., you must upload those documents in the section titled Supporting Documentation. Note: Do NOT submit notes from parents, roommates, friends, or other family.

4. If you met with your advisor to review/discuss your suspension appeal, enter your advisor's full name and email address, along with the date of the meeting you had, in the section titled I Met with My Academic Advisor.

5. Once you submit your Appeal, you will be taken to a submission confirmation page that will show the details of your appeal and inform you that the Academic Standing Committee meets once a quarter to review appeals and you will be informed of the committee’s decision prior to the end of ADD/DROP for the following quarter.

6. If you indicated in the appeal that you met with your academic advisor, they will receive an email prompting them to log in to view the appeal and fill out an Advisor Comment Card.  In the Advisor Comment Card, your advisor will also have the option of uploading any supporting documentation they believe is appropriate, like an Academic Plan you agreed on if you are reinstated.

7. Once your advisor submits the Advisor Comment Card, it will reside in the system as part of your appeal for the Academic Standing Committee to review.

To access the Academic Suspension Appeal form now, go to:


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