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Academic Advising

University Centers

Central Washington University welcomes the opportunity to serve the needs of time- and place-bound students at our university centers at Lynnwood, Des Moines, and Pierce County in the Puget Sound area, and Moses Lake, Wenatchee, and Yakima in Eastern Washington.

Upper division and graduate coursework leading to baccalaureate and master's degrees have been offered on a year-round basis for more than 30 years. On-site faculty, along with Ellensburg and part-time faculty, provide quality instruction at all six university centers. Visit the university centers' Web site at​cwu-campus-locations.



Students interested in entering a university center program may submit application online at


Continuing students follow the same procedures as noted in the registration handbook. Be sure to study the procedures for Safari. Students not admitted to a center program must register in person during open enrollment. Non-matriculated students may register for classes on a space-available basis.


General transfer advising and specific program advising is available by contacting your university center for an appointment. Official transcript evaluation is also available upon admission to the university.


See current tuition rates and fees or refer to the Registrar Services home page at Continuing Education courses are offered on a self-support basis. The self-support tuition schedule is separate from full-time tuition and fees. Visit the Continuing Education Web site at Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Student Services

Information for services that accommodate physical- and learning-disabled students, career placement, or counseling is available by contacting your specific university center.

Financial Aid

Students attending a university center are eligible to apply for financial aid. You can apply online at For more information about financial aid, visit All students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to begin the process.


Information on veterans benefits is available through the veterans affairs office on the Ellensburg campus at 509-963-3028 or toll free at 866-298-4968, ext. 3028.


Access to library services is available to students and faculty at the university centers through the CWU Brooks Library University Center Checkout Service, for more information go to the following link: Assistance in acquiring reference materials may also be obtained by calling 800-290-3327. On-site resource centers are also located at CWU-Des Moines and CWU-Lynnwood.


Textbooks may be purchased through the Wildcat Shop at You may also inquire at your individual center for specific information.

Final Exam Schedule

University center final exam dates are different from the Ellensburg campus schedule. University center instructors establish their own finals calendar. Therefore, university center students should check with the instructor to verify the appropriate date and time or refer to the syllabus.

Office Hours and Parking

Contact the university center office regarding office hours as times may vary for each center. Parking permit questions can also be directed to your university center office.

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