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Academic Advising


If you are undecided about your major, you should continue to work with your exploratory advisor until you are ready to apply to a major. If you know what major you plan to pursue, contact the departmental advisor. This advisor will answer your questions about the major and its requirements. If you are trying to choose between different majors, contact each department to gather information about them. Career Services can also assist you in determining the most appropriate major to pursue with your career interests.

Declaration of a Major

CWU offers more than 100 academic majors. See the catalog to preview your options and admission requirements to majors which interest you. (In the section of the catalog titled “Undergraduate Programs and Courses” you will find a list of degrees offered.) Once you have decided on a major, apply through the department which offers the major. Keep in mind that some majors have specific admission requirements, such as a GPA minimum, prerequisite coursework, or an entrance essay. Consult your catalog and discuss this with your academic advisor or a major advisor when you are investigating options.

Students are required to apply and be accepted into a major or pre-major by the time they have earned 100 credits or they are prevented from participating in their regularly assigned early registration appointment.

Students are bound by the major requirements that became effective with the Fall Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) for the academic year in which they are accepted into their major.

If a student does not enroll for two or more consecutive quarters at Central (excluding summer), he or she will be required to reactivate his or her major status. Reactivation must be done with the concurrence of the department and in accordance with the department and the OEC requirements current at the time of readmission.

Facts about Major:

  • You must declare a major by the time you have earned 75 credits (including transfer credits).
  • Majors which require less than 60 credits require a minor or a second major.
  • Any exceptions to major requirements must be approved in writing by your major department.

Undecided About a Major

If you are undecided about which major you want to follow, contact Career Services. This office provides a variety of resources to help students with the process of deciding on a major. Students will also want to contact faculty in the departments in which they have an interest. Faculty are one of the best resources in gathering information about careers and opportunities. Central also offers a course titled Career Exploration (UNIV 103) which provides students with an opportunity for personal insight regarding skills, abilities, interests, and values as they relate to the world of work. Introspection provides the foundation for good decision making related to careers and majors. The class provides a structured environment for students, assisting them in making decisions that will be a “good fit” when deciding on a major or a career.

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