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Academic Advising

Greg Rankin

Academic Advisor, Professional Advising

Greg grew up in Footville, Wisconsin, which is a tiny farming town with as many cows as people.  When first attending college, he was a naive and unprepared first-generation college student trying to be a pre-medicine major.  After failing his first semester, he worked a few years in a lumber yard driving a forklift.  After deciding college was something he needed to do for himself, he nervously enrolled in his local community college and eventually transferred to Beloit College.  At Beloit, he decided pre-med was not for him, and instead, double majored in two subjects he had learned to love: Philosophy and Literary Studies. 

At Beloit, Greg was a member of the TRiO Program and is a proud McNair Scholar.  McNair allowed Greg to conduct two research projects: one at Beloit and one at Michigan State University.  McNair also leads Greg to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  There, he earned his M.S. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.  Greg pursued this degree largely because of his early experiences with higher education in the hopes that he could facilitate a smoother transition into and through college for students.  At UW, Greg researched and published his thesis entitled: Graduation Rate Gaps of African American College Students at Small Liberal Arts Colleges: Causes and Remedies. 

Greg moved from Wisconsin to Washington in the spring of 2013 when he started working at CWU.  He has worked with students in the STAR, TRiO, and Exploratory offices.  Currently, Greg is happily advising within the College of Arts & Humanities for the following programs:

Art & Design
Philosophy & religious Studies
Theatre Arts
World Languages & Cultures

When he is not in Randall Hall, he enjoys backpacking, reading, and playing copious amounts of video games.

Favorite Quotes:

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” Ludwig Wittgenstein

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Ygritte by way of George R.R. Martin

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