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Academic Achievement

Workshops for TRiO SSS Scholars

Workshops and Events for Winter Quarter 2017






Cross Country Skiing - Beginner-level instruction for cross country skiing with free equipment followed by a bonfire hot dog roast.  

Glenn Bandi



Credit Cards - Understand the process of obtaining a credit card and how to choose the right one!

Lem Cannonier

US Bank

1/182:00 PMHertz 118

Financial Aid 101- Knowing what your financial aid package consists of could end up saving you really big money in the end!  


Greg Williams 

Financial Aid Office

2/24:00 PMBarge 410

Scholarships!  It's not just finding a suitable scholarship, but the whole scholarship application process that counts!

Karrie Hansberry

Scholarship Office


1:00 PM

Barge 410

The New Politics of ImmigrationDr. Catherine Dauvergne2/146- 7:30 PMSURC Ballroom
Student Works FestivalTheater Arts Students2/184:00 PMMilo Smith Tower Theater
What's so big About a good Credit Score?  Want to purchase a car, rent an apartment or own a home in the future?  If so, establishing a good credit score is critical!Lem Cannonier2/233:00 PMHertz 105

MONKEY:  His Magic Journey to the West

It's an ancient Chinese classic that you won't want to miss!  

Theater Arts Students3/37:30 PMMcConnell 

Online Workshop Opportunity 

Click on the above banner to go to and log in to access these online resources.  This website has a great deal of financial literacy information available to you for free!

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