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Academic Achievement

Fall 2015 Workshops

Small Group Workshops for Fall 2015






Identity/Bias/Stereotypes (Formerly Power and Privilege)

Katrina Whitney CDSJ


1:00 PM

Hertz Hall 100 (Auditorium)

Test Anxiety - What can be done about it?

Laura Dixon Health and Counseling Center


1:00 PM

Hertz Hall 100 (Auditorium)

Identity/Bias/Stereotypes (CANCELED)Katrina Whitney CDSJ10/221:00 PMHertz Hall 100 (Auditorium)
Scholarships:  The General Scholarship Application and Beyond!

Karrie Hansberry Scholarship Office

10/282:00 PM

Hertz Hall 100 (Auditorium)

Resume Tune-up

One-on-One sessions

Chuck Zimcheck


1:00 PM

Hertz Hall 100 (Auditorium)
Connecting to the Personal Identity of Others

Katrina Whitney CDSJ

11/93:00 PMHertz Hall 118
Alliship 1 (Sophomores)11/1611/163:00 PM
Hertz Hall 118
Creating a Resume to Guide Career ExplorationChuck Zimcheck11/191:00 PMHertz Hall 100 (Auditorium)
Alliship II (Students must have attended Alliship I in the past.)Katrina Whitney CDSJ11/233:00 PMHertz 118



Online Workshop Opportunity 

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