Sustainability Council

The CWU Sustainability Council collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create and implement sustainability initiatives, and fosters a culture of environmental, social, and economic sustainability that reduces CWU’s environmental impact and improves resource use efficiency. Contact Jeff Bousson if you are interested in joining the Sustainability Council.


Sustainability Council Charter

Chair: Jeff Bousson

Council MembersName, and Department

  • Clay Arango: Associate Professor, Department of Biology & Environmental Studies
  • Joe Bach: Director of Housing Facilities, Housing and Residence Life
  • Jason Bakeman: Surplus & Inventory Control Specialist, Surplus Warehouse
  • Sunny Bloxham: Director of Custodial, Grounds & Transportation Services
  • Jeff Bousson: Sustainability Officer, University Operations
  • Tamara Caulkins: Alumni Representative
  • Sarah Christopherson: Student, President of Student Environmental Club
  • Lily De Young: AmeriCorps Sustainability Education Program Specialist
  • Jeremiah Eilers: Building Energy Manager, Capital Planning & Projects
  • Bridgette Flamenco: Resident Librarian, Association of College & Research Libraries Diversity Alliance 
  • Kaitlyn Flesher: Farm and Sustainability Manager, Auxiliary Enterprises
  • Tim Hargrave: Associate Professor, Business Management
  • Susan Kaspari: Professor, Department of Geology & Environmental Studies
  • Ryan McGuckin: Program Coordinator, Office of International Studies and Programs
  • Blair McNeillie: Grounds Supervisor, CWU Facilities Management 
  • Andres Moreno Benito: Assistant Director of Admissions / Student Visitation Programs
  • Torin Munro: Systems Analyst and Warehouse Purchasing Program, Dining Services 
  • Joseph Pearson: Executive Director, Auxiliary Enterprises
  • Susan Rivera: Senior Lecturer, ITAM
  • Toni Sipic: Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Economics
  • Brady Smith: Wildcat Pantry Coordinator, Office of the President
  • Mal Stewman: Director, Diversity Equity Center
  • Spencer Winters: ASCWU Senator for Sustainability
  • Jessica Woodall: Program Manager for Community Engagement, Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLICE)

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