Package Reports A, B, C, and D

What are they?

The monthly managerial or operational reports for CWU.

How are they used?

These reports show all financial activity of the university broken down, first into operating and non-operating fund groups, and then by fund. These reports have been in use by the university in this format since October 2016.

Package reports show the budget and accounting information in several formats in order to analyze the different areas and activities of the university.

Attempts to predict year-end outcomes are shown in the Forecast column on each report. This column displays the actual outcome of any month that has passed combined with the forecasts in the software (created by the many subject matter experts) for future months to project a likely outcome for the entire year.

Package A

Package A shows all financial activity of the University. The two summary pages display budget to actual and forecast information about all the University funds.

Package B

Package B discusses the State General Fund in detail. The State General Fund is the primary operating fund of the university and is used for the mission of educating students. The costs include providing clean and operational facilities, instruction, and support services. State General Funds are used for recording State Allotments and tuition revenue from the three academic quarters. This fund also pays for the majority of the faculty and administrative staff.

Package C covers the Operating Funds Group.

Student Activities Fund

Includes fees for SURC, Rec Center and Services & Activities. These are primarily fees collected from students for a specific purpose. The fees associated with these funds were created by the legislature, in the case of the S&A Fee, or adopted by the CWU BOT in the case of the SURC Fee and Rec Center Fee. All three are pledged to repayment of bonded debt that was issued to construct the facilities and as such there are specifically allowed uses for these fees.

Enterprise Funds

Included are Housing, Dining, Bookstore, Parking, Catering and Conference Programs. These are enterprises in that they are business like operations, as opposed to the educational focus of the state general fund. These business, like operations, collect fees, primarily from students, as approved by the CWU BOT and provide services to students. These funds are also pledged toward the repayment of debt incurred to construct and repair facilities.

System Long Term Projects

This fund group records the costs incurred for new construction or improvement projects of “The System”. This is primarily Housing, Dining, SURC, Rec Center as there are substantial facilities operated by these units.

Package D covers the Non-Operating Fund Group

Local General Funds

This is where we record summer school and the majority of the fees on campus (athletic fee, computer fee, course fees, etc.). These are ‘local’ in the sense of the relationship that the university has with the State of Washington. CWU is a state Agency and these are funds that are under the purview of the ‘local’ agency.

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