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1. Is wireless networking as fast as wired networking?

2. How do I get connected to the wireless network at CWU?

3. Who decided the priorities for where wireless would be installed at CWU?

4. What hardware/software do I need to connect to the CWU wireless network?

There are two issues that affect what you will need. The first is your operating system (OS). Currently, CWU only supports MacOS X 10.3 (or greater), Windows 2000, and Windows XP. If you have MacOS X 10.3 (or greater), you're in luck; it includes native support for the 802.1x wireless standard and you don't need to install any client software, just configure your settings and go. Newer versions of Windows XP include Wireless Zero Configuration, allowing you to configure your wireless device without additional software, but you will need to install the Odyssey client to connect to our wireless network. Windows 2000 requires you to install the proprietary software that came with your wireless device and install the Odyssey client to connect. Instructions are available at:

The next consideration is your hardware. Most new Apple laptops come with an installed Airport Extreme wireless NIC (network interface card) that supports 802.11g. Slightly older ones have Airport cards that support 802.11b. Both will work, although the Extremes will be faster (but see faq #1). Some Apple models may not come with wireless cards and you will have to purchase an Apple compliant card. PC laptops with "Intel Centrino Technology" have built-in wireless capabilities so no card is needed. Other PC laptops require that you purchase a wireless PCMCIA NIC. Popular brands include Linksys, D-Link, and Netgear. We have had some compatibility problems with discount brand cards, so if you find one for an amazingly low price bear in mind that it may not work at CWU.

5. Which outdoor areas have wireless coverage?

6. What are the technical parameters for CWU's wireless networking strategy?

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