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1. Is wireless networking as fast as wired networking?

2. How do I get connected to the wireless network at CWU?

3. Who decided the priorities for where wireless would be installed?

Obviously, there are different opinions as to which buildings should be networked first. The University Information Technology Advisory Committee (UITAC), which has representatives from each of the four colleges, ITS, and other groups on campus, set the priorities:

  • The Library and common areas were chosen so that ITS could begin installation while priorities were being set for other buildings.
  • The Music Education Facility was done as part of its construction, and Bouillon had wireless installed as part of the initial testing and development by ITS.
  • Priorities for other areas were based on the number of students who are served in these buildings, the perceived usefulness of wireless in these buildings, difficulty of installation, and the adequacy of the existing wired network.

4. What hardware/software do I need to connect to the CWU wireless network?

5. Which outdoor areas have wireless coverage?

6. What are the technical parameters for CWU's wireless networking strategy?

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