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1. Is wireless networking as fast as wired networking?

The short answer is no.

Long answer:

Due to the limitations of current signaling technology, there is considerably less bandwidth available to the user on wireless than on the wired network. CWU has installed 802.11g access points which have a theoretical maximum throughput of 54Mb/s. In practice, the maximum is closer to 27Mb/s. Moreover, 802.11g is designed to be compatible with 802.11b devices, which have a maximum bandwidth of 11Mb/s. As soon as an 802.11b device joins the network, performance goes down to a maximum of about 13Mb/s. This bandwidth is shared by all users associated with an access point. Contrast this number to the dedicated 100Mb/s typical on the wired CWU network. Will you notice the difference? That depends on what you are doing. If you're just surfing the web or checking your email, you probably won't have any complaints, but if you're performing large file transfers, it will definitely be slower.

2. How do I get connected to the wireless networking at CWU?

3. Who decided the priorities for where wireless would be installed?

4. What hardware/software do I need to connect to the CWU wireless network?

5. Which outdoor areas have wireless coverage?

6. What are the technical parameters for CWU's wireless networking strategy?

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