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This form is for instructor use only. If you are an instructor wishing to delete a course in Blackboard please complete the following form . Please be aware that this action is irreversible. After submitting this form you will receive a reply page listing the courses you would like deleted. If you click the confirm delete button on the next page I will receive an e-mail with your request and will delete the course/s you indicated.

Instructor Information: (You must be the instructor/owner of the course)

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Course Information:

Instructions: Please enter the Blackboard Course ID for each course to be deleted (Example: eng400.01_SP03). To determine your exact course id's: Please login to Blackboard. Note the My Courses box on the My Institution page. It only lists the course titles. If you click the Pencil Icon you will be given an option to display the Course ID. Please write down ID's to delete as they appear before the colon to enter in this form.

Please enter only exact course id's (see above for instructions)
Course ID 1:
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Please Enter Comments if Desired:
Finally double-check your entries above and click the confirm button to confirm that you would like these courses deleted before clicking submit.
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