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Good News

Submitted: 03-09-2010     Name:Keri BannisterHometown: Department: History
News:Keri Bannister is the first winner of the History Department's $500.00 Study Abroad Scholarship for her spring break trip to Greece which is faculty lead by Dr. Pappas.
Submitted: 03-05-2007     Name:Billy HollyHometown: Department: History
News:William "Billy" Holly has been accepted to Northern Arizona University in the History Department's MA program for entry Fall 2007. Billy has been offered a Teaching Assistantship, tutition waiver, and $10,994 stipend.
Submitted: 03-02-2007     Name:Billy HollyHometown: Department: History
News:William "Billy" Holly has been accepted to Northern Arizona University in the History Department's MA program for entry Fall 2007. Billy has been offered a Teaching Assistantship, tutition waiver, and $10,994 stipend.
Submitted: 06-03-2006     Name:Greg HinzeHometown: Department: History
News:Greg Hinze, a double major in History and Geography, has been awarded a $1000 Alumni Association scholarship as well as a $1500 YVCC Foundation scholarship.
Submitted: 05-30-2006     Name:Edward RobeHometown: Department: History
News:Edward Robe, a History: Teaching Broad Area Major, has been selected by the Alumni Association Board of Director's Scholarship Committee to receive a Olive Irelan Scholarship. The amount of this award will be $1,000. As a part of receiving this award, Edward must be registered as a CWU student for Fall Quarter, 2006. He will be a guest at the Homecoming Banquet on November 3, 2006, at which time the presentation of his plaque will occur.
Submitted: 05-18-2006     Name:Wesley Brian HartHometown: Department: History
News:Wesley Brian Hart was awarded The Raymond A. Smith Award for Achievement in Scholarship on his project entitled "Berlin Wall" (Advisor, Thomas Wellock, Professor of History). The announcement of this scholarship was at the College of Arts and Humanities Achievement Awards Banquet in the New SUB/REC Ballroom on May 16, 2006.
Submitted: 05-08-2006     Name:WilliamHometown: Department: History
News:William "Billy" Holly has been chosen to receive the Barto History Scholarship (full tuition). Billy is a junior, a History Major with a Religious Studies Minor and is an Ellensburg resident.
Submitted: 05-02-2006     Name:Greg HinzeHometown: Department: History
News:Greg Hinze, History and Geography major, has been awarded the Clareta Olmstead Smith History Scholarship and the George and Mary Ann Macinko Geography Scholarship.
Submitted: 04-19-2006     Name:Alyson RoyHometown: Department: History
News:In the 2006 Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship competition, Ms. Alyson Roy, a History major in the DHC, has been selected for the Award of Excellence for her graduate studies at Northern Illinois University this Fall. Ms. Roy wrote her honors thesis, “The Augustan Dichotomy: Propagandistic Anti-Hellenism and the Preservation of Roman Values,” under the direction of Professors Jason Knirck (History) and James Pappas (Education), and presented a paper at the Western Regional Honors Conference in Denver. She also wrote a second undergraduate thesis in History and presented papers at the History Society meetings.
Submitted: 04-04-2006     Name:William HollyHometown: Department: History
News:William Holly, History Major, has been selected as one of six juniors to be a member of the Silver Cortege at the 2006 graduation ceremony. The selection was based on high academic excellence. The Silver Cortege leads graduates into and directs them throughout the ceremony.
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Submitted: April 18, 2011     Name:Julia JamesHometown: Vancouver, WADepartment: History
News:Julia James will be attending Syracuse University's History program fall 2011 as a PhD student. The Maxwell School of Citizenship has offered Julia full Teaching Assistant funding in addition to their top fellowship, the Maxwell Fellowship. The fellowship will provide research funds for her first and fourth year with a combined two year total of $44,000. At Syracuse, Julia will continue her research of Early America focusing on religion and folk culture in colonial New England.
Submitted: April 5, 2011     Name:William HollyHometown: Rangely, CODepartment: History
News:William "Billy" Holly has accepted an offer from Texas Tech University Department of History in Lubbock to join their PhD program beginning in Fall 2011. The offer from TTU included a teaching assistantship for the academic year, with an option for summer sessions. The TTU History Dept. also awarded Billy the Helen Jones Fellowship, worth $24,000. Billy will be defending his thesis on West Texas Folklore and the Development of Country Music in June.
Submitted: 05-07-2008     Name:Ian StacyHometown: Department: History
News:Ian Stacy has won this year's Best Overall Paper prize from the Phi Alpha Theta Northwest regional conference for his paper entitled "Under an Atomic Sky: Origins of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation's Infamous Green Run." As a result of winning this award, Ian is now able to present this work at the AHA-PCB conference, to be held in August in Pasadena. So congratulations to Ian!
Submitted: 04-07-2008     Name:Tamara CaulkinsHometown: Department: History
News:Tamara presented her poster “Science, Art, and the Perception of Nature: Maria Sybilla Merian and Alexander von Humboldt in the New World” at the American Society for Environmental History Annual Meeting in Boise ID, March 2008.
Submitted: 07-18-2007     Name:Rachael BirksHometown: Department: History
News:Rachael has recently been hired at Hanford High School, Richland, WA, for 2007-2008 to teach German and History. Congratulations Rachael. Rachael will also be defending her MA thesis "Dancing Cubanidad: Reconfiguring National Identity Through Fidel Castro's Cultural Project, 1959-73" on Thursday, July 20, 2007.
Submitted: 05-29-2007     Name:Rachael BirksHometown: Department: History
News:Rachael Birks won this year's Phi Alpha Theta Northwest Region "Best Overall Paper" prize for an extract from her MA thesis entitled "Dancing Cubanidad: Reconfiguring National Identity Through Fidel Castro's Cultural Project, 1959-1973." This means she gets funded by PAT to present this paper at the Pacific Coast Branch of the AHA conference in Honolulu at the end of July.
Submitted: 05-24-2007     Name:Albert MillerHometown: Department: History
News:Al has received the College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Student Scholarship Achievement Award for his work titled "Aspects of British Identity as Exhibited in Accounts of Russia by British Visitors." The award comes with a certificate and cash award of $150. He was acknowledged at the CAH banquet on May 15.
Submitted: 04-24-2007     Name:Ian StacyHometown: Department: History
News:Stacey has won First Place in the Central Washington University OPR Photo Contest. The title of the picture is "Inside Coleman Glacier." You can see the picture on http://www.cwu.edu/~rec/rentals/images/Photocontestresults/photocontestgallery.html. And, yes, he is right there taking the picture of person on the ice.
Submitted: 12-01-2006     Name:Tanner DotzauerHometown: Department: History
News:Tanner Dotzauer has became the first full-time coordinator of the Thorp Mill, September 2006, to serve from the professional agreement between the Thorp Mill and CWU.
Submitted: 08-14-2006     Name:Jody BellHometown: Department: History
News:I have exciting news... Today (8/11/2006) at 10:30 AM I interviewed for the position of secondary Social Studies teacher at Kittitas Secondary School. At noon, Principal Monty Sabin called to offer me the position!! In less than 3 hours, I signed the contract, set up my retirement and insurance plan, acquired keys to the brand new Kittitas school building (absolutely beautiful building, BTW), and walked into my very first classroom as a brand new teacher. Words cannot describe how excited and grateful I am. I want to thank all of you for your significant part in this accomplishment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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Submitted: September 27, 2012     Name:Daniel HermanHometown: Department: History
News:History Professor Dan Herman's new book--Rim Country Exodus: A Story of Conquest, Renewal, and Race in the Making--has just come out from University of Arizona Press. It's an epic story of the exodus of Apache and Yavapai peoples. It's also about the very personal relations between soldiers, settlers, BIA agents, and Indians that changed the dynamics of race.
Submitted: 03-09-2010     Name:Karen BlairHometown: Department: History
News:Dr. Karen Blair, History Department Chair, received an award at the Women's Achievement Celebration from the campus Empowerment Center on Wednesday, March 3, 2010, for her academic career devoted to the study and teaching of women's history and women's issues.
Submitted: 04-11-2008     Name:Jason KnirckHometown: Department: History
News:Jason Knirck's SEED grant has been approved by the Faculty Development and Research Committee for Summer 2008. Jason's research is on "Enemies Within and Without: Cumann na nGaedheal Under Siege, 1922-23," his next book.
Submitted: 03-26-2008     Name:Stephen MooreHometown: Department: History
News:Stephen Moore has been chosen by the Awards Committee of the Washington State Historical Society's Board of Trustees to receive the Charles Gates Award for the best article, "Cross-Border Crusades: The Binational Temperance Movement in Washington and British Columbia," to appear in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST QUARTERLY in 2007. He has been invited to be their guest at the Washington State Historical Society's Annual Awards Luncheon at noon on June 21, 2008, at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.
Submitted: 01-10-2008     Name:Stephen MooreHometown: Department: History
News:Professor Stephen Moore recently wrote an article for PACIFIC NORTHWEST QARTERLY titled "Cross-Border Crusades: The Binational Temperance Movement in Washington and British Columbia." This article has been bublished in PNQ, Summer 2008, Volume 98, Number 3, magazine.
Submitted: 08-24-2007     Name:Michael A. ErvinHometown: Department: History
News:Michael Ervin's article "The 1930 Agrarian Census in Mexico: Agronomists, Middle Politics, and the Negotiation of Data Collection" was recently published in the August 2007 edition of the Hispanic American Historical Review, the premier journal in the field of Latin American history.
Submitted: 05-24-2007     Name:Thomas WellockHometown: Department: History
News: Dr. Thomas Wellock, Associate Professor of History, has been selected Phi Kappa Phi Scholar of the Year for 2006-2007. The author of numerous publications on the subject of the American nuclear industry in the context of the environmental movement, Dr. Wellock’s most recent book, Preserving the Nation: the Conservation and Environmental Moverments, 1870-2000, was published in March of this year. In recognition of his selection as Scholar of the Year, Dr. Wellcock will present a public program on May 30 at 4:00 p.m. in Black 152. The title, abstract, and location of the talk follow. Race, Class, and Preserving Nature The roots of modern American attitudes toward nature lie in actions undertaken in the late nineteenth century to conserve the nation’s natural resources and preserve its scenic wonders. In this lecture, Dr. Wellock will discuss the international, rural, and industrial origins of the conservation and environmental movements. Dr. Wellock will also explain how campaigns to preserve nature reflect the Progressive Era's concept of class and racial order, which reveals much about the way we have come to define what "wilderness" is.
Submitted: 05-24-2007     Name:Jason KnirckHometown: Department: History
News:Jason has received the College of Arts and Humanities Outstanding Faculty Research Award. The award comes with a certificate and cash award of $250. He was acknowledged at the CAH banquet on May 15.
Submitted: 04-26-2007     Name:Jason KnirckHometown: Department: History
News:Jason hs received word from Dean Marji Morgan that he has won the College of Arts and Humanities Faculty Scholarship Award. This award will be presented to him at the annual banquet on Tuesday, 15 May reception .
Submitted: 04-24-2007     Name:Thomas WellockHometown: Department: History
News:On March 29, 2007, Thomas attended "Meet the Scholars" Program sponsored by California State University, East Bay and the Alameda County Office of Education. He made a presentation to middle and high school teachers on the Hetch Hetchy Dam controversy and the Meaning of Wilderness.
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Submitted: 09-20-2007     Name:Carolynn ClarkHometown: Department: History
News:Carolynn's master's thesis, 2007, “Erich Käestner's Mission in Postwar Germany, 1945-1948: Essays in the Neue Zeitung” will be used in German translation in exhibitions at the Erich Käestner Museum in Dresden, Germany.
Submitted: 05-23-2007     Name:Kelsey KarshHometown: Department: History
News:Well, a big change in my plans, I signed up for the Peace Corps, and am going to western Africa in Sept. So, I'm currently studying french like a mad woman, which is a language I never thought, or really wanted to study. But I am excited for whatever direction this experience will bring me, it will be very different that's for sure. I started volunteering at Life Long Aids alliance in Seattle several months ago and became more passionate about AIDS in general, which prompted me to apply for the Peace Corps, and subsequently go to Africa. I still really want to go back to South America, perhaps after the pc. I kind of want to go everywhere, so I need to figure out how to make that happen. My tentative plan is to get my masters after the peace corps, but as of now I have no idea what that will be in...time will tell I suppose. In Seattle I'm still working in Social Services,which I like...but is hard work for little pay-which is also what the peace corps will be.
Submitted: 04-11-2007     Name:Robert TopmillerHometown: Department: History
News:Dr. Robert Topmiller, BA and MA from CWU, and Assistant Professor of History at Eastern Kentucky University, has just published a book entitled "Red Clay on My Boots: Encounters with Khe Sanh, 1968-2005," with Kirk House Publishers. He has also won Eastern Kentucky University's College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Research Award.
Submitted: 03-08-2007     Name:Monica GrahamHometown: Department: History
News:Monica Graham (History Major) recently returned from China where she taught at Anhui University in Hefei City, Fall 2006. In just a few days she will be going off to work in the Ukraine for the Peace Corps from March 24, 2007 to June 17, 2009.
Submitted: 11-22-2006     Name:Bevery HeckartHometown: Department: History
News:Beverly Heckart, Professor Emeritus, History, published two articles during 2006. "The Cities of Avignon and Worms as Expressions of European Community, 1945-1975" appeared in Modes of Comparison: Theory and Practice, the most recent volume in the Comparative Studies in Society and History Book Series, published by the University of Michigan Press. The Journal of Urban History printed "The Battle of Jena: Opposition to 'Socialist' Urban Planning in the German Democratic Republic" in its May issue. The latter essay has been nominated for the Berkshire Award, given annually for the best article published by a woman historian on the North American continent.
Submitted: 11-18-2006     Name:Rachel JohnsonHometown: Department: History
News:Rachel Johnson completed her Master's thesis in History at the University of Oregon in June 2006. Her thesis was entitled, "Negotiating Power: Village and State Authority in the Austrian Province of Styria in the Visitations of 1528 and 1544-45." She is currently an English Language Assistant in Vienna, Austria with the Austrian Fulbright Commission. She hopes to continue this position for the next school year as well (2007-08). Many thanks to her advisor, Dr. Easley, and to the rest of the History Department (and secretary!). Also many thanks to the McNair program, which was so instrumental in making graduate study possible. Contact: coyote381@yahoo.com
Submitted: 08-29-2006     Name:Stephen W. RicheyHometown: Department: History
News:(MA, History, 2002) Another piece of good news is that my Master’s Thesis about Joan of Arc is now a full-length hardcover book titled Joan of Arc: The Warrior Saint, published by a prestigious academic publishing house. My book has been favorably reviewed and my publisher is paying me royalties. I owe considerable gratitude to the faculty and staff at CWU for their help in making my ambitions come true.
Submitted: 07-26-2006     Name:Stephen W. RicheyHometown: Department: History
News:My Master’s Degree in History has helped me advance my career as a soldier and officer in the United States Army. My basic job in the Army is to serve by turns as either a commanding officer or staff officer for military units of tanks and tank soldiers—but the Army gives official recognition to its soldiers who possess additional specialized, esoteric skills beyond their basic job. Thanks to my Master’s in History, my Army personnel records now officially list me as possessing the additional specialized skill of “Historian.” And thanks to that notation in my records, the Army selected me to be the Commanding Officer of the 141st Military History Detachment. The duty of a military history detachment is to travel around war zones while a war is still going on and collect the raw materials that future generations of historians will use to write the history of that war. The soldiers of military history detachments conduct and record interviews with soldiers of all ranks, from privates to generals, about the battles in which they have recently fought. Soldiers of military history detachments both take photographs of their own of battlefields and collect photographs and videos made by the soldiers they interview. Military history detachments collect historical artifacts from the battlefields they traverse and process those artifacts for inclusion in the Army’s network of museums. As an officer commanding a military history detachment, it is my specific duty to write the first scholarly monograph narrating and analyzing any battle which the Army assigns me to cover. The soldiers under my command and I will soon be putting all these skills to use for real during our upcoming year in Iraq. My degree from CWU has opened up a truly superb career opportunity for me. I owe considerable gratitude to the faculty and staff at CWU for their help in making my ambitions come true.
Submitted: 05-25-2006     Name:Riva DeanHometown: Department: History
News:Riva Dean has been awarded the Robert and Terry Topmiller Prize for Best Written History M.A. Thesis for 2005-06. The title of her work is "'A Peaceable Mob': The Lynching of Frank Viles and Community Identity in Asotin, Washington, 1896." Professor Daniel Herman was her advisor.
Submitted: 03-27-2006     Name:Steve AbbottHometown: Department: History
News:Washington and Lee School of Law, J. D. 2004 My history degree at CWU served as the springboard to acceptance at a law school ranked in the top twenty. While at CWU I achieved many scholastic awards among them: Dean's Scholar 1995-99; Farrell Merit Scholarship 1996-1997, 1997-1998, President of Phi Alpha Theta and History Society, President of Law and Justice Society. At the same time I raised over $20,000 in alumni donations working as a student representative. My legal career has encompassed representing clients in Nevada and Washington State. I worked previously for an insurance defense firm in Las Vegas. I Helped senior citizens navigate the Byzantine labyrinth of the Medicare and Medicaid appeals process in order to eliminate medical billing errors while a law student in Virginia. My Government experience includes duties as aide to Congressman Jack Metcalf (ret.) 2nd District Washington State in our nations capitol. Former law clerk at the United States Air Force JAG post in Los Angeles handling family law, criminal prosecutions, and government contract cases. During my time with the Air Force I conducted legal research and analysis on a wide variety of cases ranging from courts martial to complex government contract disputes. Drafted a significant component of a memorandum for a major government procurement integrity violation. I am the current Vice President and In House counsel to Shenandoah Vista properties Inc with real estate holdings in numerous states with the crown jewel Pinnacle Townhouses set for completion during the summer of 2006 in Lexington Virginia. My current practice in Olympia with the law firm of Taylor and Berg emphasizes Landlord Tenant, Family law, Real Property law, Elder law, Business law, & Estate Planning. I am a member of the Washington State Bar Assn., Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, and the Young Lawyer Section of the Thurston County Bar Association. I enjoy horseback riding, sailing, and the new sport of ski-biking (it is safer than it sounds, trust me). Without my experiences at the CWU history department and the talented guidance by my professors I would not be where I am today, words cannot express how a history degree can give you an insight to not only the past but the present and the future as well, a history degree can help lay the foundation for a career in the private or public sector.
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