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Good News

Welcome to the College of Arts and Humanities News page. Read about the many achievements of our faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Submit your own good news if you are a current or former college member.
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Submitted: 03-29-2008     Name:Gary WeidenaarHometown: Department: Music
News:Gary Weidenaar served as a guest clinician for two Boise, Idaho high schools on Mon. & Tues., March 17 & 18, 2008. On Monday, Weidenaar worked with 4 choirs at Centennial High School, and was guest clinician for their pre-festival concert in the evening. On Tuesday, he worked with three choirs at Eagle High School.
Submitted: 03-29-2008     Name:Gary WeidenaarHometown: Department: Music
News:Gary Weidenaar served as an adjudicator for the Columbia Basin Music Educators Association (CBMEA) large group festival held at Kamiakin High School in the Tri-Cities on March 20, 2008. The one-day festival included 19 choirs. Weidenaar rated and provided taped comments to all 19 choirs, and gave separate half-hour clinics to seven of the choirs.
Submitted: 03-26-2008     Name:Brian GoeltzenleuchterHometown: Department: Art
News:Brian Goeltzenleuchter, along with other artists, will be displaying their work titled "3D Multiples: the object of production." Their work is being shown at 1708 Gallery in Richmond, VA. It is showing from March 7 to March 29, 2008. For more information go to www.1708Gallery.org
Submitted: 03-26-2008     Name:Stephen MooreHometown: Department: History
News:Stephen Moore has been chosen by the Awards Committee of the Washington State Historical Society's Board of Trustees to receive the Charles Gates Award for the best article, "Cross-Border Crusades: The Binational Temperance Movement in Washington and British Columbia," to appear in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST QUARTERLY in 2007. He has been invited to be their guest at the Washington State Historical Society's Annual Awards Luncheon at noon on June 21, 2008, at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.
Submitted: 02-21-2008     Name:Nikolas CaoileHometown: Department: Music
News:Nikolas Caoile, Director of Orchestras, has been selected as one of 40 conductors to compete at the 9th Cadaques Conducting Competition in Spain. The winner of the competition will be awarded a cash prize and will be engaged to conduct over 30 European orchestras over the course of the next three years.
Submitted: 02-17-2008     Name:Jon HamarHometown: Department: Music
News:In January Jon Hamar was awarded a Golden Ear Award for Emerging Artist by Earshot. Earshot is a Seattle based jazz organization that each year gives awards citing extraordinary achievment in the field of Jazz music in the Northwest region. Jon is also celebrating the relaese of his new Cd Hereafter. Visit www.jonhamar.com to check it out.
Submitted: 02-09-2008     Name:Larry GookinHometown: Department: Music
News:Professor Larry Gookin will be guest conductor of the APAC International Honor Band in Kobe, Japan this February. APAC is made up of six international schools; Brent International School Manila, Osaka International School and Canadian Academy Japan, Seoul Foreign School Korea, Shanghai American School and the International School of Beijing China. Professor Gookin recently received news that he is the recipient of University of Oregon's 2008 Distinguished Alumnus Award for the School of Music. He will be acknowledged during the University of Oregon's graduation ceremony this June in Eugene, Oregon.
Submitted: 02-08-2008     Name:Matthew AltmanHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Dr. Altman's article, "Kant on Sex and Marriage: The Implications for the Same-Sex Marriage Debate," has been accepted for publication by the journal Kant-Studien.
Submitted: 02-08-2008     Name:Matthew Altman and Cynthia CoeHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Dr. Altman and Dr. Coe's co-authored article, "The Self as Creature and Creator: Fichte and Freud Against the Enlightenment," will appear later this year in the journal Idealistic Studies.
Submitted: 02-08-2008     Name:Matthew AltmanHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Dr. Altman's article, "The Significance of the Other in Moral Education: Fichte on the Birth of Subjectivity," will be published in the journal History of Philosophy Quarterly later this year.
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Submitted: 07-26-2006     Name:Stephen W. RicheyHometown: Department: History
News:My Master’s Degree in History has helped me advance my career as a soldier and officer in the United States Army. My basic job in the Army is to serve by turns as either a commanding officer or staff officer for military units of tanks and tank soldiers—but the Army gives official recognition to its soldiers who possess additional specialized, esoteric skills beyond their basic job. Thanks to my Master’s in History, my Army personnel records now officially list me as possessing the additional specialized skill of “Historian.” And thanks to that notation in my records, the Army selected me to be the Commanding Officer of the 141st Military History Detachment. The duty of a military history detachment is to travel around war zones while a war is still going on and collect the raw materials that future generations of historians will use to write the history of that war. The soldiers of military history detachments conduct and record interviews with soldiers of all ranks, from privates to generals, about the battles in which they have recently fought. Soldiers of military history detachments both take photographs of their own of battlefields and collect photographs and videos made by the soldiers they interview. Military history detachments collect historical artifacts from the battlefields they traverse and process those artifacts for inclusion in the Army’s network of museums. As an officer commanding a military history detachment, it is my specific duty to write the first scholarly monograph narrating and analyzing any battle which the Army assigns me to cover. The soldiers under my command and I will soon be putting all these skills to use for real during our upcoming year in Iraq. My degree from CWU has opened up a truly superb career opportunity for me. I owe considerable gratitude to the faculty and staff at CWU for their help in making my ambitions come true.
Submitted: 07-25-2006     Name:Chris FurnissHometown: Department: Art
News:Chris Furniss served as a panelist for "Comics: A Graphic Art", July 01, 2006, sponsored by Allied Arts of Yakima.
Submitted: 07-25-2006     Name:Joel BrendenHometown: Department: Art
News:Joel Brenden served as a panelist for "Comics: A Graphic Art", July 01, 2006, sponsored by Allied Arts of Yakima.
Submitted: 07-18-2006     Name: Kristin CalhounHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Kristin Calhoun, a native of Poulsbo, will begin a stage management internship in August at South Coast Rep. Located in Costa Mesa, CA. South Coast Rep is among the premiere regional theatres in the country. Calhoun, who earned her B.A. with an emphasis in theatre management this spring, staged managed several CWU productions including the intricate musical “Working” and the Youth Theatre Tour production of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”
Submitted: 07-14-2006     Name:Alex GarnettHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Alex Garnett is directing a production of "Taking Steps," a farce by Alan Ayckbourn, at the Masquers Theater in Soap Lake July 14-16 and 21-23. Last summer Garnett directed a bill of his original one-act plays at the same venue. Joining Garnett in the ensemble cast are current CWU theatre students Isaiah Crowson, James Frasca, Emily Rose Shotwell, and Daniel Zertuche, as well as 2005 graduate Rose Kinne, who will be pursuing her MFA in playwriting at the University of Idaho this fall. For dates, times and ticket prices, visit the Masquers Theater website at: http://www.masquers.com/
Submitted: 07-07-2006     Name:Theresa McLeanHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Theresa McLean, former student and co-costume designer for Central Theatre Ensemble's production of "West Side Story" has recently accepted a position working as Head Seamstress with one of Barnum and Bailey's tours. Theresa spent many hours as a valued costume shop employee and graduated with a BA in history. Although her degree was in history, her valued contributions for the Theatre Arts Department make her forever part of our Theatre family. Good Luck Theresa!
Submitted: 06-20-2006     Name:William AlvinHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:After a very successful year-long internship with Shakespeare Theatre Company, Washington, DC for the past academic year, Will has been invited to join the University of Washington's MFA program in the Costume Design area. He will begin Fall 2006.
Submitted: 06-07-2006     Name:Chris FurnissHometown: Department: Art
News:Chris Furniss, web comic artist, has had his work chosen for inclusion in Comics: A Graphic Art (June 1 to July 16, 2006). Exhibition organized by Allied Arts of Yakima.
Submitted: 06-07-2006     Name:Joel BrendenHometown: Department: Art
News:Joel Brenden artist and creator of The Ellensburg Comix Page has had his work chosen for inclusion in Comics: A Graphic Art (June 1 to July 16, 2006). Exhibition organized by Allied Arts of Yakima.
Submitted: 06-03-2006     Name:Gary ReesHometown: Department: English
News:Gary Rees (M.A. LIT 2005) has been admitted to the Ph.D. program in English at the University of Houston with an appointment as a Teaching Assistant and a $15,000 University Presidential Fellowship.
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