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College of Arts and Humanities Submit "GOOD NEWS"

Good News

Welcome to the College of Arts and Humanities News page. Read about the many achievements of our faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Submit your own good news if you are a current or former college member.
Submitted: 05-25-2006     Name:Amber DartingHometown: Department: College Office
News:Amber Darting received the College of Arts and Humanities Dean's Award at the 9th Annual Evening of Recognition Awards ceremony sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Leadership. Ms. Darting is a graduating senior who is double majoring in Philosophy - Religious Studies and General Studies - Humanities Specialization. She is also pursuing a minor in Anthropology. Ms.Darting is a member of the CAH Dean's Council of Students, President of the Philosophy Honor Society, and Vice President of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Club.
Submitted: 05-25-2006     Name:CWU-PRSSAHometown: Department: Communication
News:The CWU chapter of the PRSSA was the winner of national competition to host the Pacific Northwest Regional Conference.
Submitted: 05-25-2006     Name:Andy HansonHometown: Department: Communication
News:Andy Hanson received finalist honors in the National Broadcast Society's Student Video and Audio Production Awards Competitions. 2006 marks the ninth year out of the last eleven that a student of the CWU Communication Department has received this finalist honors.
Submitted: 05-25-2006     Name:Scott IwataHometown: Department: Communication
News:Scott Iwata, a public relations major, was elected PRSSA National President 2005-2006.
Submitted: 05-24-2006     Name:Eric CarsonHometown: Department: Art
News:Eric Carson presented his art work "Everything Theory" on May 18, 2006 at the SOURCE presentations.
Submitted: 05-24-2006     Name:Mary JohnsonHometown: Department: Art
News:Mary Johnson showed her multimedia art projected, titled (i love you). on May 18, 2006 at the SOURCE presentations, sponsered by the C. Farrell Merit Scholarship. Her work documents human interaction and emotional expression, and how experience may be the cause for reflection on social restrictions concering these expressions.
Submitted: 05-24-2006     Name:David HoangHometown: Department: Art
News:On May 18, 2006 David Hoang showed his group of paintings and drawings, titled "Transfigured" at the SOURCE presentations. His work was based from narritives of the Roman Catholic, Jewish, Byzantine, and Eastern Orthodox traditions; as well as signs and symbols from early Midieval art.
Submitted: 05-23-2006     Name:Mellisa HogrefeHometown: Department: Art
News:The College of Arts and Humanities Achievment Banquet in the New SUB/ REC Ballroom on May 16, 2006 awarded Mellisa Hogrefe (faculty advisor: Prof. Sherwin) with the George Stillman Award for Achievement in Art.
Submitted: 05-18-2006     Name:Wesley Brian HartHometown: Department: History
News:Wesley Brian Hart was awarded The Raymond A. Smith Award for Achievement in Scholarship on his project entitled "Berlin Wall" (Advisor, Thomas Wellock, Professor of History). The announcement of this scholarship was at the College of Arts and Humanities Achievement Awards Banquet in the New SUB/REC Ballroom on May 16, 2006.
Submitted: 05-16-2006     Name:Chris MooreHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Chris Moore has been accepted into the Masters of Social Work Program at Eastern Wasington University for fall 2006. Chris will be graduating this spring with a BA in Philosophy/Religious Studies Specialization. This past year he has served as President of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Club, Vice President of Central's chapter of Phi Sigma Tau (International Honor Society in Philosophy) and on the CAH Dean's Council of Students.
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Submitted: 11-24-2009     Name:Vijay SinghHometown: Department: Music
News:Professor Vijay Singh, Music, was invited to guest conduct the first Evergreen School District High School Honors Choir in Vancouver, WA Nov. 19-20, 2009. Five high schools participated and the choir was comprised of 80 of the finest singers in the district selected by audition. The choir performed two compositions by Professor Singh and received standing ovations from the audience in attendance. Professor Larry Gookin conducted the Honors Band at the same event.
Submitted: 10-08-2009     Name:Scott RobinonHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Scott Robinson, chair, is the 2009 recipient of the Selfless Service Above and Beyond Award by the Washington State Thespian Society.
Submitted: 10-08-2009     Name:Nadine PedersonHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Dr. Nadine Pederson spent the past summer in Paris pursuing her groundbreaking study on French theatre history. Through the examination of primary documents, specifically French law books and financial records, Dr. Pederson has unearthed evidence of a previously undiscovered Master of the Revels system in Renaissance France paralleling the English system. The continued support of her study is not merely impressive for CWU, but imperative for the discipline and our expanding knowledge of world theatre history.
Submitted: 10-08-2009     Name:George Bellah and Elise ForierHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:George Bellah and Elise Forier completed an international workshop and culminating performance in Noh Theatre at the Noh Theatre Project in Bloomsburg, PA. Bellah and Forier will be collaborating over the next 18 months on mounting a classic Greek work in the traditional Noh Theatre style. This project will serve to further not only their own scholarship and research interests, but also support the CWU Asia/Pacific Studies program.
Submitted: 10-08-2009     Name:Terri BrownHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Dr, Terri Brown, director of the musical theatre BFA, and David Brown, musical theatre director for the Department of Theatre Arts, have been invited to return to Edgewater Records in Atlanta, GA, for three recording projects in summer 2010. Dr. Brown will be singing on the projects and Mr. Brown will be arranging the material.
Submitted: 10-08-2009     Name:Elise ForierHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Elise Forier will be honored at Homecoming 2009 as the CAH teacher of the year.
Submitted: 09-11-2009     Name:Gary BartlettHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Gary Bartlett's paper 'Activity and Experience' has been accepted for presentation at the 61st annual Northwest Philosophy Conference, to be held this year at Pacific University (Forest Grove, OR) on October 23rd-24th.
Submitted: 09-11-2009     Name:Gary BartlettHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Gary Bartlett's paper 'An Argument Against Spanking' has been accepted to the journal Public Affairs Quarterly.
Submitted: 08-06-2009     Name:gary weidenaarHometown: Department: Music
News:this isn't news, but rather - two of my listings (for the Oregan state choir judging and the Wa cultural congress) are listed twice (I visited the site on Aug. 6, 09)
Submitted: 06-26-2009     Name:Alex EmmonsHometown: Department: Art
News:This Spring, Alex Emmons was invited to present and meet with first-year graduate students mid-quarter at University of Washing and invited back to give feedback during their final critique at the end of Spring quarter. Lastly, Alex Emmons was invited in June to give a lecture to the Summer Beginning Photography Class at Phoenix College in Phoenix, AZ.
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Submitted: 04-02-2008     Name:Justin Gibbens Hometown: Department: Art
News:Justin Gibbens, along with Amy Ross, will be showing their work titled "Animal Spell" at the Punch Gallery in Seattle, WA. Their work will be showing from April 3rd to April 27th, 2008. The opening reception will be on April 3rd from 5-8pm. For more information visit www.punchgallery.org
Submitted: 04-02-2008     Name:Howard Barlow Hometown: Department: Art
News:Howard Barlow will be showing his work at the Punch Gallery in Seattle, WA. His work titled "Safe and Sound" will be showing from March 6th to March 30th, 2008. For more information visit www.punchgallery.org
Submitted: 02-11-2008     Name:Chris BeardsHometown: Department: Art
News:Alumni Chris Beards is showing his work titled "Pretty Sure: scrounged, made and altered" at the Merced College Art Gallery in Merced, CA. His work will be showing from Feb 19th to March 13, 2008 with the opening reception on Wed, Feb 20th from 6-7:30. For more information contact 209-384-6064 or french.s@mccd.edu. And to see some of chris's work visit www.chrisbeards.com
Submitted: 01-30-2008     Name:Jenny WaltonHometown: Department: Art
News:Jenny Walton, who once was the SAC President, received a job as the Executive Assistant to the President of an international arts organization in Washington, DC. Congrats!
Submitted: 01-29-2008     Name:Joanna HorowitzHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:Joanna will be performing her one-woman country musical “100 Heartbreaks” for a six-night, fully staged, run at the Capitol Hill Arts Center in Seattle, Feb. 15,16, 22, 23, 29, March 1. The play, is a tongue-in-cheek story about an aspiring country singer trying to accumulate songwriting inspiration by suffering through 100 heartbreaks. It is directed by Jennifer Zeyl (a former Stranger Genius Award winner and Artistic Director of Washington Ensemble Theatre), with musical direction by John Osebold of the band “Awesome.” Joanna is also producing the show, funding the project, and serving as marketing director. For ticket information visit the production website at www.100heartbreaks.com.
Submitted: 01-09-2008     Name:Autumn BrownHometown: Department: Theatre Arts
News:"The Deadly Game" opened this past weekend [Jan 4, 2008] at the Long Beach Playhouse directed by CWU alum Autumn Brown.
Submitted: 01-08-2008     Name:Becky RogersHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Becky Rogers, a Religious Studies major, is currently employed as a Social Worker at a skilled nursing facility. You can contact Becky at blueberrybecky85@hotmail.com
Submitted: 12-07-2007     Name:Zac HymesHometown: Department: Philosophy
News:Mr. Zac Hymes received his M.A. in Philosophy from Washington State University in May 2007, and has recently received an appointment as an adjunct instructor with Green River Community College.
Submitted: 11-14-2007     Name:Tony Magnotti Hometown: Department: Art
News:Alumni Tony Magnotti will be showing his work along with GEggie Mace. Their exhibit is called Explode, Filth, Djinn. It will be shown at Grapefields Wine Bar and Restaurant in Walla Walla, WA. The artist reception will take place on Sunday Nov 18th, from 6-8pm.
Submitted: 11-13-2007     Name:Steve Gardner Hometown: Department: Art
News:Steve Gardner and many other artists displayed their work in the exhibition titled "Harvest". It is contemporary clay work from the members of the Washington Potters' Association. The exhibition was open from September 20th through November 4th and the Peggy Lewis Gallery in Yakima, WA. for more information visit www.alliedartsyakima.org
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