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Request for Support - 2018-2019

Deadline for Submission: First come, first served until funds run out

Goal: To provide support to faculty in meeting established performance expectations and enhancing academic expertise, especially in instruction and scholarship.

Eligibility: Full-time non-tenure track, tenure-track, and tenured faculty members in the College of the Sciences, only one application per year.

Funds available: The following amounts are available for 2018-2019:

         $500 for untenured tenure-track faculty
         $300 for FTNTT and tenured faculty

Unexpended funds will not carry forward.

Requesting Faculty Member:
Activity: Formal Presentation Publication Charge  Type of Faculty: Tenured Faculty Untenured Tenure-Track Faculty FTNTT
  Professional Development Workshop   Supplies / Equipment
  Technology Travel
  Other:    Amount Requested:        Date Requested:
Justification: Please provide a specific description of how you will use the Career Enhancement Funds (e.g. name, date, and location of the conference/workshop; name of publication and cost of page charges; quoted price of equipment; etc.) and a brief explanation for how these funds will enhance your teaching, scholarship, or service.

You will need the approval of your department chair and the Associate Dean, Interscience Support. When you submit this form, the chair and dean will be emailed a link to your request. You will receive a system automated reply as each approval is made. Final approval will be made via email by the Associate Dean and copied to your department secretary. Funds will be distributed to departments upon final approval.

Please type in names and email addresses carefully and correctly.

Department Chair:
Associate Dean, Interscience Support:

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