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College of the Sciences Faculty Early Career

Request for Support for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Deadline for Submission: December 15, 2019

Goal: To provide support to early career tenure-treack faculty in meeting established performance expectations in scholarship.

Eligibility: Tenure-track faculty members on a six year tenure timeline in the College of the Sciences may apply in their 2nd or 3rd year on the tenure track for workload to be awarded in the 3rd or 4th year. Tenure-track faculty on a four or five year tenure timeline, may apply in their 2nd year for workload in their 3rd year. Faculty members are eligible only once in their career.

Requirements: Faculty receiving an Early Career Grant must have a detailed plan to produce a Category A product of scholarship defined by their department promotion and tenure criteria. At the end of the academic year for which the award is given, awardees will submit their product to the COTS Dean's Office. Please see for proposal directions and templates. Incomplete proposals or those that do not use the templates will not be considered.

Support available: Up to 5 wlu to be used in one academic year.

Requesting Faculty Member:
Date Requested: Department:
Current Years Toward Tenure: 2nd year of a six year timeline    2nd year of a four/five year timeline    3rd year of a six year timeline
Number of Work Load Unites Requested: (max 5)           Proposed Title of Product:
Type of Category A Product:
File Uploads:
peer reviewed journal article/research monograph
scholarly book/textbook
published conference article/proceeding
grant proposal
juried museum exhibition
 Project Description:

You will need the approval of your department chair and the Associate Dean, Interscience Support. When you submit this form, the chair and dean will be emailed a link to your request. You will receive a system automated reply as each approval is made. Final approval will be made via email by the Associate Dean and copied to your department chair.

Please type in names and email addresses carefully and correctly.

Department Chair:
Associate Dean, Interscience Support:

By submitting this form I agree that this proposal reflects readiness to complete a department accepted Category A product by the end of the academic year release is granted.


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