Design and Production Resources


Central Theatre Ensemble design process with listed deliverables

Central Theatre Ensemble generic production timeline

CAD Templates

Tower Floor Plan - .vwx, .dwg, .pdf

Tower Section - .vwx, .dwg, .pdf

McConnell Floor Plan - .vwx, .dwg, .pdf

McConnell Section - .vwx, .dwg, .pdf

Studio 119 - .vwx, .dwg, .pdf

Hertz 100 - .vwx, .dwg, .pdf

Code and Law

Electrical Code (Washington Department of Labor and Industries)

Building Code (Washington State Building Code Council)

Fire Code (International Code Council) hosted on

Americans with Disabilities Act Design Standards (seating and aisles)

Collaboration and Coordination Tools

Doodle - on-line meeting scheduling tool

Signup Genius - on-line sign-up list management

Costume Design

Tracing Real Body Models - an alternative to the stereotypical fashion figure templates

Music Licensing - There is a lot of information regarding a wide range of copyright and licensing issues. Unfortunately, no single source is completely authoritative.

Educational Cyber Playground Music Channel

National Association for Music Education

The Music Copyright Enforcers - An article from the New York Times that highlights one of the ways that copyright law is enforced.


Society of Props Artisans and Managers

Inventables - Maker of the CNC machine in the shop


Splicing videos

Splicing instructions from Marlowe Ropes

Reference Material

Engineering Reference Data

The Materials Lab at The University of Texas at Austin

Scenery Resources

Big Image Systems - Large format printing on soft materials

The Designer's Assistant - Randall D. Wilkins blog about being a Hollywood art director

Tyvek - a variety of different products, many without printing on them

Theatrical Drafting Standards

        USITT Graphic Standards (1992)

        USITT Recommended Practice for Theatrical Lighting Design Graphics (2006)

        USITT Sound Graphics Recommended Practice


UPDATED: 20161229