Research & Grants

We want to acknowledge these groups for helping us in our efforts to bring more significant environmental and sustainability education to our pre-service teachers across the state of Washington.

Image of Sponsors

Environmental equipment was purchased for each university to use with it's pre-service teacher preparation programs. Each university chose the materials that would best meet its needs. Some examples are shown in the photos.

Image of child
Posters were one example
Image of publications
Books and field guides were also purchased
Image of field work
Brock Magiscopes were a very popular purchase by the universities. They can easily be used in the field without an electrical plug-in.
Image of coyote pelt
Coyote pelt used in an outdoor lesson
Image of posters
Posters were often laminated to be used in the out-of-doors such as those that are shown here: aquatic insects that might be found in ponds and diagrams of beaver dams
Image of materials
Lots of other things were purchased such as: insect viewing containers, pencil sharpeners for the field, mammal track casts, and insect houses.