TOTOS Membership

TOTOS (Teachers of Teachers of Science) is an organization of university faculty members in the state of Washington who are responsible for teaching science methods courses to future K-12 teachers, both graduate and undergraduate. They are tenure track professors and adjuncts. There are also faculty members who teacher science content courses specifically for pre-service teachers such as a biology lab section for future teachers. TOTOS also includes people who work in support of science teacher education such as representatives from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Anyone who fits the description above is automatically a "member" of TOTOS. There are no membership dues or registration papers to fill out. There are no officers. Although the structure is loose with a "y'all come" welcoming attitude, the activities of the group are significant and well-organized. Whenever there is a TOTOS event, anyone who fits the description above is encouraged to attend!

It's always tricky finding out who all the science methods professors are because there are changes very semester/quarter. The group is always searching for people who may not be on the list. The list sometimes includes people who are no longer teaching science methods courses but who haven't notified us to remove their names. You can help us by letting us know who should and should not be on the list. Thank you! As of May 4, 2009, the list included 98 people, plus partners who work closely with the TOTOS organization.


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