Upcoming Annual Meeting!

September 10 - 12, 2010, Central Washington University

Greetings Fellow Teachers of Teachers of Science (and friends):

The theme of this fall’s TOTOS meeting is “Integration.” The focus of our meeting was derived from a discussion at the May 2010 TOTOS meeting. Our goal is to share what is known from best-practices in integration and use it within the TOTOS collaborative network to make Washington the best state in the union to become a science teacher.

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TOTOS Meetings and Past Events

The TOTOS (Teachers of Teachers of Science) group meets at least annually to discuss issues related to the improvement of science teacher preparation (K-12) in the state of Washington. From 1999-2008, TOTOS met each spring on the Washington State University campus in Pullman. This was generally a 2 1/2 day meeting although sometimes an additional day was added for trainings or committee meetings. In 2009 the group met in Spokane for a regional conference with TOTOS-like faculty members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming to discuss issues of environmental/sustainability education related to teacher preparation. Starting in 2010, the group will be hosted by Central Washington University.

Some annual meetings are of a general nature - ways to improve science teacher preparation. However, some years there is a theme. Some themes have included assessment, research, course structure, informal science education, and environmental/sustainability education.

In addition to annual meetings, there are sometimes additional meetings throughout the year. Sometimes they are associated with the Washington Science Teachers Association (WSTA) annual conference. Two of those additional meeting will be described:

TOTOS and ASTE Spokane Conference

WSTA Annual Conference

Woodland Park Zoo

Environmental and Sustainability Education

Evidence-Based Teacher Preparation Strategy Workshop

Annual Meetings

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Grant