TOTOS-Washington State LASER Connection

TOTOS (Teachers of Teachers of Science) and Washington State LASER work very closely together. The following is a description of ways the groups have worked together recently. The template was originally designed for environmental agencies but serves very well to show the many ways TOTOS and LASER work together. The information on this chart was provided by Sonia Siegel Vexler of Washington State LASER and the Pacific Science Center:

Information to provide Your agency/institution's information
Name of agency/institution Washington State LASER
Agency/institution's connection to TOTOS (might include one or more of these, or something else):

Participated in
TOTOS annual meetings in Pullman in 2007 and/or 2008, Woodland Park Zoo Environmental Resources Workshop 2008, IslandWood Evidence-Based Teacher Preparation Strategy Workshop 2009, Pre-Service Connection Regional Conference in Spokane 2009, field investigation workshop in Spokane 2006, subject integration workshop in Tacoma 2007, work with a specific university's teacher preparation program, or something else... (or perhaps no past connection but would like to work with TOTOS)
Participated in:
  • TOTOS annual meeting in Pullman in 2008 by presenting a four hour session on the elements of Washington State LASER and how each element relates to working with pre-service and in-service teachers.
  • Woodland Park Zoo Environmental Resources Workshop in 2008 as a participant.
  • Pre-Service Connection Regional Conference in Spokane in 2009 by presenting two sessions. One session was about what research is telling us about effective teaching and the second session is about using curriculum topic study.
Contact person(s) and their title(s) Sonia Siegel Vexler Washington State LASER Program Director
E-mail contact
Phone contact 206.443.2903
Fax contact 206.443.6600
Mailing address Pacific Science Center 200 2nd Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98109
Department within agency/institution that has the TOTOS connection Washington State LASER
Mission of agency/institution (or your program that relates most closely with environmental/sustainability education) To assist school districts with implementing an on-going inquiry-based science program aligned with the science learning standards.
Age level(s) that your agency most typically serves in environmental/sustainability education K-12
MOST IMPORTANT (Please be specific):

Types of resources (people, materials, services, programs, sites, etc.) that your agency/institution has that might be of value to professors who are preparing K-12 teachers in the skills and content or environmental/sustainability education

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  • help with selecting instructional materials that are based on research and how people learn
  • effective professional development
  • strategies for integrating literacy
  • assessment
  • effective instructional materials delivery system
  • working with administrators to support science education
  • advocacy for science education within the community
URL for the agency/institution or specific program
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