TOTOS SEEP Grant EE/ESE Program Descriptions

Sustainability and Environmental Education for Pre-Service (SEEP)

Information needed

Information to share

Name(s) of instructor(s)

Sharen Keattch Orndorff

Name of university

Eastern Washington University

Level of preparation for the program being described: elementary, middle school, high school (or combination)

Middle School teacher preparation

University course number

NTSC 301

University course title

Middle Level Earth Science Inquiry

University course catalogue description

This is a required class for students planning to teach middle school science. Emphasis will be on laboratory and inquiry based earth science investigations the contents of which support instruction of the National Science Education Standards and Washington Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs).

Objectives of this specific EE-ESE project

(big ideas are fine)

Looking at the Spokane River as a local natural resource and how humans impact this system.

Description of the experience(s) the pre-service teachers had to learn EE-ESE strategies

(This is the main, detailed description. Please include enough detail so someone else will know what you did.)

This class will not be offered until this coming Fall.

The class will be a Place-Based inquiry experience. One of the inquiry activities will be focused around changes on the Spokane River, using a variety of modern and historical records, from student observations to old photographs and newspaper articles. The students will be researching a variety of aspects of the river including how humans impact the river and our uses of the river.

Materials/equipment needed for the pre-service teacher experience (include technology that may have been used)

Local Library, MAC Research Library and Archives

Were preK-12 children involved? (Yes or no). If yes, describe their involvement and ages.


Was this an indoor or outdoor project (or both)?

Describe the setting.


Various locations along the Spokane River.

Were other subject area professors involved? Yes or no. If yes, what subjects were integrated? How?


Were there community/ agency/institution partners? Yes or no. If yes, how was the partnership structured?

How was the program evaluated? What did the pre-service teachers have to say?



If another grant was written to support your EE-ESE work, what types of things would you hope to accomplish?

Thank you!