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Education for Environment and Sustainability

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TOTOS annual meetings in Pullman in 2007 and in 2008;

Woodland Park Zoo Environmental Resources Workshop 2008;

IslandWood Evidence-Based Teacher Preparation Strategy Workshop 2009

Subject integration workshop in Tacoma 2007, work with a specific university's teacher preparation program

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Gilda Wheeler, Program Supervisor, Education for Environment and Sustainability

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360 725-4976

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OSPI, Old Capital Building, PO Box 47200, Olympia, WA 98504

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Teaching and Learning, Science

Teaching and Learning, Education for Environment and Sustainability

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OSPI Mission: In collaboration with educators, students, families, local communities, business, labor, and government, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction leads, supports, and oversees K-12 education, ensuring the success of all learners.

Teaching and Learning Mission: Teaching and Learning provides leadership, service and support for the development and implementation of research-based learning standards and curriculum to ensure that all learners achieve at high levels.

Education for Environment and Sustainability Mission: Support academic success and life-long learning, and develops a responsible citizenry capable of applying knowledge of ecological, economic, and socio-cultural systems to meet current and future needs.

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Integrated K-12 Environmental and Sustainability Education Student Learning Standards

A standards document aligns core content with three overarching Environmental and Sustainability Standards: 1) Ecological, Social, and Economic Systems; 2) The Natural and Built Environment; and, 3) Sustainability and Civic Responsibility.

Environmental and Sustainability Education Specialty Area Endorsement

Brings essential elements of environmental and sustainability education into core content classes through interdisciplinary, project-based, and experiential learning.

The Sustainable Design Project

Students work with community partners to study, design, implement, and showcase solutions to issues/problems in their community within the context of systems and the “triple bottom line” of ecological, social, and economic sustainability. The Sustainable Design Project is a partnership of OSPI, Puget Sound Energy, the Environmental Education Association of Washington, and others.

Curriculum Integration and Alignment Guide

A template for developing an integrated unit, as well as a model of a integrated unit in the context of environmental health.

Environmental Education Report: Empirical Evidence, Exemplary Models, and Recommendations on the Impact of Environmental Education on K-12 Students

CTE Green Sustainable Design & Technology Course

A year-long middle & high school course exposes students to career opportunities in the new green economy (e.g. renewable energy, fuel efficient vehicles, sustainable agriculture, and green building).

URL for the agency/institution or specific program EnvironmentSustainability/default.aspx

If you have other links that would be appropriate, also list them here with a label telling what the link is to and why it would be of value WA Sustainability Education: A Professional Learning Community for P-20 Educators. This is a social network site that requires registering. Participants can share resources and ideas for integrating sustainability education into Prek-20 programs.

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