TOTOS SEEP Grant EE/ESE Program Descriptions

Sustainability and Environmental Education for Pre-Service (SEEP)

Information needed

Information to share

Name(s) of instructor(s)

Kathy Paris

Name of university

Pacific Lutheran University

Level of preparation for the program being described: elementary, middle school, high school (or combination)


University course number

EDUC 410

University course title

Science and Health Methods

University course catalogue description

Strategies for teaching science by using inquiry methods and problem-solving techniques will be employed to explore interactive curricula from an environmental point of view. Issues of nutrition and health. Practicum included, concurrent with EDUC 412 and EDUC 425. (4)

Objectives of this specific EE-ESE project

(big ideas are fine)

To make these future teachers aware of how to teach their students about sustainability,

Description of the experience(s) the pre-service teachers had to learn EE-ESE strategies

(This is the main, detailed description. Please include enough detail so someone else will know what you did.)

4 students in each of the two sections of this course did an activity in front of their peers using the equipments/supplies provided by the grant. One student taught their peers about wind energy and another taught about solar energy using an alternative energy kit. With the wetlands video, a third student taught about the values of wetlands (wetlands metaphors), A fourth student used the stream tables to illustrate how wetlands work.

Materials/equipment needed for the pre-service teacher experience (include technology that may have been used)

Kit on alternative energy

Stream tables with sand, vegetation

Video on Wetlands Bill Bye

Were preK-12 children involved? (Yes or no). If yes, describe their involvement and ages.


Was this an indoor or outdoor project (or both)?

Describe the setting.


Were other subject area professors involved? Yes or no. If yes, what subjects were integrated? How?


Were there community/ agency/institution partners? Yes or no. If yes, how was the partnership structured?


How was the program evaluated? What did the pre-service teachers have to say?

Student evaluated the entire course at the end but not the specific activities. Those who did the activities in front of the class did self assessment, but this dealt more with how they taught not what they taught.


If another grant was written to support your EE-ESE work, what types of things would you hope to accomplish?


Thank you!