TOTOS Connection to Environmental and Sustainability Education

Please fill out the following information showing your agency/institution's connection to Washington's TOTOS (Teachers of Teachers of Science). Please be specific in the "resources" section near the end.

Your information will be placed on the TOTOS web site. It will help university professors who teach K-12 science methods courses as they prepare future teachers in the content, concepts, and skills of environmental and sustainability education. It will also help build confidence, competence, and enthusiasm in those students and their professors. Thank you for being a TOTOS partner!

When deciding which information to include, consider that specific people often change jobs but the role of the agency may continue programs and services for years. For example, you might want to list phone numbers or e-mail addresses that are of a more general nature that are less likely to become dated, rather than a specific person who currently is delivering the program. You decide. A fast way to fill out this information may be to cut and paste from other documents. Feel free to leave categories blank that don't fit your agency/institution.

Information to provide Your agency/institution's information
Name of agency/institution Children & Nature Network
Agency/institution's connection to TOTOS (might include one or more of these, or something else):

Participated in....
TOTOS annual meetings in Pullman in 2007 and/or 2008, Woodland Park Zoo Environmental Resources Workshop 2008, IslandWood Evidence-Based Teacher Preparation Strategy Workshop 2009, Pre-Service Connection Regional Conference in Spokane 2009, field investigation workshop in Spokane 2006, subject integration workshop in Tacoma 2007, work with a specific university's teacher preparation program, or something else... (or perhaps no past connection but would like to work with TOTOS)
Cheryl Charles, President of Children & Nature Network was keynote speaker at 2009 Regional Conference in Spokane. Lynda Paznokas is member of Children & Nature Network. John Thielbahr, colleague of Lynda Paznokas, is a member of the Children & Nature Network’s Strategic Alliance Development Team and Grassroots Leadership Team, and assisted Lynda Paznokas with TOTOS workshops at Washington State University in 2007 and 2008.
Contact person(s) and their title(s) Cheryl Charles, President and CEO John Thielbahr, Strategic Alliance Devel. Team
E-mail contact
Phone contact Cheryl: 505-603-4607
John: 509-432-1867
Fax contact  
Mailing address 7 Avenida Vista Grande B-7
Santa Fe, NM 87508
Department within agency/institution that has the TOTOS connection n/a
Mission of agency/institution (or your program that relates most closely with environmental/sustainability education) Inspire and support all organizations, families and individuals to connect children with nature in their daily lives for their health and well-being.
Age level(s) that your agency most typically serves in environmental/sustainability education all
MOST IMPORTANT (Please be specific):

Types of resources (people, materials, services, programs, sites, etc.) that your agency/institution has that might be of value to professors who are preparing K-12 teachers in the skills and content or environmental/sustainability education

(Note: There may be more than one. If so, please clearly divide the information. Thank you.
As a network of networks, C&NN is connected to grassroots organizations in neighborhoods, schools and communities across the country that are connecting children with nature to improve health, learning, and social emotional behavior. We can connect professors to research, grassroots programs, community resources, and C&NN resources and tool kits, including experts in school and community gardens and play spaces. C&NN also has a social networking site ( for professors to share ideas and successes.
URL for the agency/institution or specific program
If you have other links that would be appropriate, also list them here with a label telling what the link is to and why it would be of value is the social networking site that offers a virtual meeting place for university professors to share ideas, successes and challenges.
Paste in your agency's logo if you're free to use it Children Nature
Anything else you'd like to add C&NN is launching a Natural Teachers Network™, and encourages all TOTOS members and their students to participate!

Thank You! We value your partnership!