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Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer, deserves to be!  (David Smith)

The primary purpose of this web site is to help me address my professional mission statement by providing information that 1) enhances learning outcomes for my students, 2) illustrates the integration of technology into education for my colleagues, and 3) verifies my professional abilities and dedication for interested individuals.  (Click here to view an alternative and unique presentation of this information using TheBrain.)

& Presentations
My Teaching Philosophy Computer Labs & Simulations Mission Statement
ACCT 346 - Winter 2013
Income Tax Accounting I
ACCT 570- Winter
Foundations of Taxation
WebQuests Professional Biography
ACCT 430
Income Tax Accounting II
  Cyber Crime, Security, & Forensics Web Resources Rsum & Curriculum Vitae
ACCT 455 - Spring 2013
Accounting Information Systems
     Student Evaluations
ACCT 484- Summer online
Professional Writing & Speaking for the Accountant
    TAXES Technology Column

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At the heart of the Web are two important lessons about your career: You are your most important product, and everything about you gets more valuable when you use technology to leverage it. (Daniel H. Pink).