Mental Health Consultation

"Mental health consultation is a service provided to caregiving professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, welfare workers, probation officers, police, and clergy to assist them in dealing with the psychological aspects of a current work problem and, most important, to deal more effectively with similar problems in the future" (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2001, p. 19)

Caplan’s model

Characteristics of the mental health model:

Types of Mental Health Consultation

Client-centered Case Consultation

Consultee-centered Case Consultation

Program-centered Administrative Consultation

Consultee-centered Administrative Consultation Mental Health Consultation in the Schools (Meyers):

Behavioral Consultation

"An indirect, problem-solving service involving a collegial relationship between the consultant and consultee in which the consultant acquires and communicates psychological date germane to the consultee’s problem as well as the psychological principles that will enable the consultee to utilize the data." (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2001, p. 48)

Behavioral consultation involves a "relationship whereby services consistent with a behavioral orientation are provided to a client through mediation of important others in the client’s environment, that is, indirect service." (Keller, 1981, p. 65)

Goals of Behavioral Consultation: (according to Kratochwill and Bergan)

Assumptions of Behavioral Consultation: Communication in Behavioral Consultation

Information gained from the consultee:

Verbal Processes Consultant Leads Process of Behavioral Consultation Miscellaneous Comments on Behavioral Consultation:

Adlerian Consultation

Characteristics of Adlerian Consultation

Assumptions of the Adlerian School Consultation Principles of Encouragement Providing Natural and Logical Consequences Adlerian Strategies in Consultation Adlerian Consultation Process

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