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Article I. SSA CLUB


Section I.


The name of this club shall be “The Society of Student Accountants–Des Moines”




Section I.


The Society of Student Accountants is the student accounting club at the Central Washington University Des Moines campus.  Our purpose is to promote member development through interactions with alumni, accounting professionals, professional organizations, and the business community.




Section I.


Membership in this organization shall be composed of all full and part-time students of Central Washington University Des Moines Campus located in the Higher Education Building on the Highline Community College campus. 




Section I.


The student shall sign up primarily with the Director of Membership, or any active board member, and pay a non-refundable, lifetime membership fee of ten ($10) dollars.  The membership term will be from the date of payment of the membership fee to the date of graduation of the student.


Section II.


Members who are current on their dues payment shall be classified as “active” members and may participate in all club activities.




Section I. Officer Title


The officers of the SSA-Des Moines shall be; (1) President, (2) Vice-President, (3) Secretary/Treasurer, (4) Director of Memberships, (5) Director of Activities/Communications, and (6) Website Editor.  The creation of additional officer positions must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the active membership and with the support of the advisor.


Section II. Requirements for Service


Only students of CWU-Des Moines may serve as officers.


Section III. Presidential Duties


The duties of the President shall include:


It is the job of the president to oversee all functions of the organization, to lead, to direct, and to communicate with the members and officers.  The president also needs to communicate with the other accounting clubs on the other campuses.  In the fall, the President coordinates with SSA-Lynwood to help out with the Network Open House and Annual Networking Events.  The President must hold monthly board meetings and monthly member meetings as they see fit.  The President will also be responsible for obtaining outside resource materials for the membership (i.e. trade journals).  The President shall also be responsible for writing the quarterly letter (article) for the CWU College of Business newsletter.  Recruiting and promoting new members is an essential responsibility of this position.


Section IV. Vice-Presidential Duties


The duties of the Vice-President shall include:


The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence.  In the event of vacancy of the presidency, the Vice-President will normally become President.  The Vice-President should work closely with the President and assist in whatever capacity needed.  The Vice-President should also help coordinate any Network Open House events.  The Vice-President is also responsible for requisitioning funds from the Director of Westside Student Affairs for any club activities.  Recruiting new members is an essential responsibility of this position.


Section V. Secretary/Treasurer Duties


The duties of the Secretary/Treasurer shall include:


The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep financial records, coordinate with the President to develop meeting agendas, write minutes, remind the President of unfinished or deferred business, and prepare a budget for the school year and quarterly financial statements. The Secretary/Treasurer deposits all membership dues and any other money received in a form of a check or money order to the Director of Westside Student Affairs. The Secretary/Treasurer should also assist the President in whatever capacity needed and help with details for fliers made by the Director of Activities.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall be present at all meetings to take the minutes, which are to be filed on blackboard.


Section VI.  Director of Membership Duties


The duties of the Director of Membership shall include:


The Director of Membership is responsible for maintaining the membership records.  The Director of Membership is responsible for maintaining the membership records.  The Director of Membership is to collect the applications, file them and pass dues payments on to the Secretary/Treasurer.  The Director of Membership is to maintain a supply of applications and brochures at the Main Office at all times.  Membership applications and brochures should be available at all New Student Orientation and SSA events.  The Director of Membership shall safeguard all SSA membership information in order to comply with Article X of the by-laws.  The Director of Membership shall also input new members into Blackboard and inform the Director of Westside Student Affairs of new officers.  Recruiting new members is an essential responsibility of this position.


Section X. Website Editor


The duties of the Website Editor shall include:


The Website Editor is responsible for updating the SSA website with the approval and instruction of the Board of Directors.  The Website Editor shall update the SSA-Des Moines website on a timely basis in order to comply with the requirements of the SSA by-laws.  The Website Editor shall post; current SSA event information, fliers, contact information for the SSA Board of Directors, information that needs to be communicated to the accounting student body in general, job postings, campus events, important SSA announcements, third-party events (WSCPA), and make sure that the SSA-Des Moines website and Blackboard links are functioning.  Recruiting new members is an essential responsibility of this position.


Section XII. Director of Activities/Communications


The duties of the Director of Activities/Communications shall include:


The Director of Activities/Communications is responsible for making approved announcements in classes and posting eye catching fliers.  The Director of Activities/Communications is also responsible for coordinating SSA-Des Moines functions and events (except for those previously designated).  Functions and events may consist of the Network Open House, the traditional beginning and ending of quarter events, coordinate with main campus on Job Fairs, and other functions which may arise with the approval or instruction of the board of directors.  The Director of Activities/Communications is also responsible for coordinating with committee chairs, supervise activities, and make progress reports to members.  Recruiting new members is an essential responsibility of this position.




Section I. Election Times


The time, date, and location of both the nominations and election shall be posted in conspicuous locations as defined in Article IV.  To be eligible to run for an office position in the SSA-Des Moines, the person nominated must be a declared accounting major at the Central Washington University Des Moines campus, an active member of the SSA-Des Moines, and also write a letter of interest.  Nominations can be accepted up to (1) day prior to elections.  Nominees must be present and accept nomination to be elected.


Section II. Filling Vacancies


All vacancies except for that of the President will be filled by vote of the current Board of Directors.  Normal succession is Vice-President to President, but in the event the Vice-President does not desire to succeed as President, a special election for the presidency shall be held.


Section III. Declaration of Win


In all elections, the person receiving the majority of the votes for their offices will be declared the officer for that particular position under election.


Section IV. Impeachment


In the event that an officer is judged to be deficient in his/her duties (as decided by a unanimous agreement of the other club officers and advisor), he/she may be removed by (2/3) vote of the club’s membership.  The advisor shall oversee the impeachment process to ensure a fair and speedy trial.




Section I. General Meetings


At least two (2) general meetings shall be held during each quarter of the academic year at times and places to be determined by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors will meet two (2) times during the academic quarter.  Notification of general meetings shall be via email, posting on the SSA-Des Moines website and blackboard, and a written statement to be posted in a conspicuous location at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.  This notice shall state the date, time, and location of the meeting.  Conspicuous locations shall be the bulletin board outside the student clubs office, classrooms, offices, and the SSA-Des Moines website.  General meetings shall be open to all interested parties.  Board of Director’s meetings shall be open only to SSA-Des Moines members and special guests invited by approval of the Board.


Section II. Meeting Quorum


A quorum shall at least consist of four (4) of the seven (7) board members.


Section III. Board of Directors


General policy decisions will be made at the Board of Directors’ meetings and overseen by the SSA-Des Moines Club Advisor.  Any decision made by the Board of Directors can be overruled by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the general membership present at a general meeting.


The Constitution may be amended or repealed or new constitutions adopted, at any general membership meeting by a majority vote of the general members present.




Section I. Release of Information Stipulations


Personal information of SSA-Des Moines members collected through the membership application, or any other means, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, email address, or any other private information entrusted to any SSA board member, shall not be announced, communicated, distributed, divulged, posted, sold, or made available in any form whatsoever, for any reason, to non-CWU third party entities, with the exception of Becker CPA Review.  Examples of non-CWU third party entities include, but are not limited to, marketing companies, other CPA Review Course companies, national accounting organizations, state accounting organizations, professional/industry organizations, etc.


Section III. Exception


The only exception provided is the Resume Book that is distributed prior to and during the Network Open House recruiting event, since SSA-Des Moines members pay a separate fee to include their resume in that book.




Section I.


The Club Advisor must be a full-time Central Washington University faculty member or administrator.


Section II.


The Advisor shall be Dr. Norman Gierlasinski.


Section III. Advisor Duties


The Club Advisor’s duties shall include:


The Club Advisor is responsible for meeting with the club officers on a regular basis, attend club meeting and club activities, keep abreast of club issues and intentions, meet with the President and Secretary/Treasurer on a monthly basis to review account balances and financial transactions, and assist with the implementation of an officer transition program, as well as all stipulated agreements outlined in the charter.


Section IV. Advisor Voting Rights


The Advisor shall be an ex-officio member of the club, and as such, shall not have voting rights.


Section V. Advisor Veto Power


The Advisor shall have veto power over any decision made by the club which is in direct violation of Central Washington University policy.  This authority shall be used only in circumstances where the club officers knowingly intend to violate CWU policy.




Additional special offices may be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors of the SSA-Des Moines.  The determination for the need of such offices will be made by the Board on an annual basis.  The Board of Directors shall, and vote on these offices.  These offices will be considered as non-voting special offices of the SSA-Des Moines, and are expected to attend both the general and board meetings of the SSA-Des Moines.




The Board of Directors shall have the power to appoint individuals to office vacancies when necessary. The term of such appointments shall be until either a special election for the vacant office can be held or until the next annual election for all SSA-Des Moines offices is held.  Any appointments of this nature must be approved by the SSA-Des Moines.


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