Linda A. Raubeson

Department of Biological Sciences

Central Washington University






Majors' biology courses that I teach regularly include Genetics and Mechanisms of Evolution. I also help teach the department's plant sciences offerings. This year I will be teaching:

Fall 2007: Plants and the Modern World (BIOL200) -- a gen-ed course for non-majors; This is a Writing-Intensive Course and also involves active student participation.

Winter 2008: Genetics (BIOL 321) -- a required course for biology majors as well as some other programs; The focus of this course is on problem-solving and conducting a quarter long genetics experiment to characterize fruit fly mutants.



I investigate aspects of seed plant phylogeny as well as other issues of plant evolutionary biology. I have a long-held interest in chloroplast genome rearrangements and their phylogenetic utility. Currently I am addressing these questions via complete plastid genomic sequence as well as with individual gene sequences from the chloroplast and other genomes. This work is conducted through collaboration with CWU students working in my lab and with scientists at other institutions.




I am currently the pre-dental and pre-optometry advisor. I also advise majors interested in plant sciences, evolution or genetics.


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