RUI Microbial Observatory at Soap Lake   - Images    


This is an image of Soap Lake taken in 2002, from the cliffs overlooking the western shore. The town of Soap Lake can be seen at the southern end of the lake. Soap Lake is the southernmost lake in a series of lakes formed during the Missoula Floods, termed the Lower Grand Coulee.

 Location of Soap Lake in relation to others in the Lower Grand Coulee.

Elevation and depths of the Lakes of the Lower Grand Coulee.


Looking down on Soap Lake. The town of Soap Lake is visible at the bottom of the image (south end of the lake).



Images of fungi cultured from the monimolimnion.






Chunks of mirabilite (Na2SO410H2O) collected from the monimolimnion. These pieces are 3-5 cm in length. The largest we've collected had a diameter of about 15 cm.







Calcium carbonate colonized by microbes busy with oxygenic photosynthesis (note all the bubbles!)