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  • Western States Theatre Review Archives

Past copies of some issues of the Northwest Theatre Revieware now available online.
Printed copies are available to attendees of the KCACTF Region VII Annual Festival

Volume 21 - 2015 PDF file for North West theartre Review 2009

Comic Catharsis: The Power of Pacifist Performance - ANDREW RYDER
Commodification and Exploitation of the Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda - RACHEL E. FORAN
Binary Opposition in The Comedy of Errors: An Actor’s Analysis of Shakespeare’s First Play - GARY GILLESPIE
The Critical Role of Alan Greg, the Unseen Character in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire - PETER A. PHILLIPS
The Connection: Acting and Consciousness - J.R. MCCUTCHEON
Design Thinking and the Creative Process - ROBERT MARK MORGAN

Volume 18 - 2015 PDF file for North West theartre Review 2009

Theatre of War - LOJO SIMON
Soldaderas in the Mexican Revolution: Prostitutes, Soldiers, and Intellectuals - SARAH L. CARLE and CECILIA J. ARAGÓN
Stereotyping Playwrights - NATHAN STITH The (In)Visible Voices: Theatrical Representations of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Kia Corthron’s Seeking the Genesis and Lisa Loomer’s Distracted - LAUREN M. KOTTENSTETTE
Staging the Impossible: Joanna Baillie, the Gothic, and the Theatre of Cruelty - CECILIA J. ARAGÓN Churchill, Wertenbaker and Carr Explore the Relationship Between Silence and Violence in Female Characters - LOJO SIMON

Volume 17 - 2011 PDF file for North West theartre Review 2009

Politics and Performance: Repression and Resistance in Lee Blessing's Billy the Kid and Rudolfo Anaya's Billy the Kid
Good Dramaturgy
"The Evolution of Chaos"
Signs of Life: The Interdisciplinary Performance of the Un-Animated
A Journey for Rachel: Taking My Name Is Rachel Corrie from Corvallis, Oregon to Antioch, Turkey

Volume 16 - 2010 PDF file for North West theartre Review 2009

Horace Robinson 1909-2009 -Joseph Gilg and Alexandra Bonds
Transcending How I Learned to Drive -
Judy Fort Brenneman
The Memory of Land -
Robert Vrtis
The Hybrid Rehearsal Schedule: Opening Time for Artistic Exploration
through Increased Collaboration -
Rich Brown
Support for Actors -
Ken Womble
"Living from Moment to Moment": Kermit Sheets, Theatre and the Fine Arts at Waldport, 1942-1946 -
Andrew Ryder
The Art of Theatre vs. Religion and Science -
William Missouri Downs and Lou Anne Wright

Volume 15 - 2009  PDF file for North West theartre Review 2009

Volume 14 - 2008 PDF file for North West theartre Review 2008

Volume 13 - 2007

Volume 12 - 2006

Volume 11 - 2005

  • Directing Beckett: Issues of Freedom, Control and Artistry
    Eric Prince, Colorado State University
  • Quaker Corporate Discernment as a Model for Collaboration in Theatre
    Bryan Boyd, George Fox University
  • Deaf Theatre Bridges the Gap Between Deaf and Hearing Audiences
    Jo Strom, Graduate Student Central Washington University
  • Jung's Influences in The Night of the Iguana
    Joanna Goff, Edmonds Community College
  • Seasons of Shakespeare: the Bard and OSU
    Marion O Rossi Jr and Charlotte J Headrick, Oregon State University
  • George Bernard Shaw's Environmental Theatre
    Scott W. Cole, University of Washington

Volume 10 - 2004

  • A City Apart: Post-Soviet Russian Theatre
    Larry Hazlett, University of Wyoming
  • A Brief History of Golf in Relationship to Man's Connection to the Natural World
    Bryan Willis, Olympia, WA and Yoshiyuki Nishikawa, Japan
  • Hopi Ritual Performances: A Comparison with the Rites and Practices of Ancient Greece
    David Edgecomb, University of Alaska-Anchorage
  • Premiere and Finale: Dryden's The State of Innocence and the Fall of Man at Western Oregon University
    Richard Davis, PhD, Western Oregon University
  • The Crucible Still Burns
    Elaine Wiggins, Graduate Student Central Washington University
  • ComedySportz: A History of a Competitive Improvisational Company
    Kevin Bradshaw, Gonzaga University

Volume 9 - 2001

  • 1999 KC-ACTF/NWDC Keynote address: A Wonderful and True Story.
    Tony Kusher.
  • Gender Objectification: Cause and Effect.
    Brenda Hubbard, Central Washington University.
  • Stanislavski's Translation: Ambiguities Affecting Super-objective and Through Line of Action.
    D. E. Moffitt, University of Idaho.
  • Plato and Conceptions of Greek Theatre.
    Michael Wallace, Graduate Student Western Washington University.
  • Observing Ourselves in Action.
    Julie L. Voelker, Graduate Student University of Washington.

Volume 8 - 2000PDF file for North West theartre Review 2008

  • Script (inter)play: Collaborating on Performance Compositions.
    Don Laplant and Susan Suprenant, Ph.D. Candidates at University of Oregon.
  • A Thought on Pacing: Slow Down, We Move Too Fast!
    Ed Bowen, University of Portland.
  • Metaphor within the Method:  The Scenography of the Group Theatre.
    Scott Dahl, University of Idaho.
  • "He Never Forgets and He Never Forgives": Sweeny Todd as Jacobean Revenge Tragedy.
    Laurilyn J. Harris, Ph.D. Washington State University.

Volume 7 - 1999PDF file for North West theartre Review 2008

  • Reimagining of Yup'ik and Inupiat Performance
    Thomas Riccio, University of Alaska Fairbanks.
  • The 1998 Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
    Ed Bowen, University of Portland.
  • Susanna Rowson and Slaves in Algiers: A Struggle for Women's Freedom.
    Terresa L. Wolf, Ph.D. Candidate Washington State University.
  • Theatre: The Essential Liberal Art.
    Thomas H. Gressler, Linfield College
  • Libby: The Story of a Theatre Tour to Alaska's Pribilof Islands.
    Elizabeth Ware, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Volume 6- 1998

  • Marat/Sade and The Caucasian Chalk Circle: An Experiment in Arena Staging at the Royal National Theatre.
    Forrest Sears, University of Idaho and Sarah Wilson Hansen Graduate University of Idaho.
  • Whistler's Mom.
    Bryan Willis, Seattle, WA.
  • "Women Are Good at This Job": Lynne Parker, Director.
    Charlotte J. Headrick, Oregon State University
  • The State of the Fine Arts: A Regional Report.
    Dean Panttaja, University of Idaho
  • Community Approaches to Funding the Arts.
    Faye Slice, Butte, MT.
  • Linguistic Barriers and Cultural Gulfs: Translations, Brian Friel, and the Creation of Field Day Theatre Company.
    Susan Brennan, Graduate Student University of Portland.
  • Actor Training in Russia: Tradition and Change.
    David Edgecombe, Ph.D. University of Alaska Anchorage.

Volume 5 - 1997

  • Someone's in the Kitchen with Dionysus.
    Susan K. Brown, Graduate Student University of Portland.
  • Women of the Holocaust or (manna from heaven).
    Amy Bridges-Williams, Anchorage Alaska.
  • Russian Lessons, a one-act play.
    Bevin Flynn, Undergraduate Student at University of Idaho.
  • Dying Light.
    Jason D. Martin, Student at Western Washington University.

Volume 4 - 1996

  • Gut Reaction: Sarah Daniels's Gut Girls in Havre, Montana.
    J. K. Curry, Montana State University-Northern.
  • The Gue Hin Chou: Portland's Chinese Theatre
    Allen J. Adams, Western Oregon State College.
  • (Re)Constructing Directing Pedagogy.
    Charles Ney, University of Idaho.
  • The French Academy, Corneille and Le Cid: A Study in Controversy
    J. Marisa Samuels, MA Candidate University of Portland
  • "Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl": The Multifaceted Career of Marie Dressler
    Laurilyn J. Harris, Ph.D. Washington State University.
  • A History of the Northwest Drama Conference: the 80's and 90's.
    Richard Davis, Western Oregon State College.

Volume 3 - 1995

  • Beyond the Stage: Reflections on Street Theatre in India.
    Lou Furman, Washington State University.
  • The Issue of Identity in Steven Dietz' God's Country, or Why Bring the Aryan Nations to W.S.U.?
    Terry John Converse, Washington State University.
  • Researching God's Country in God's Country.
    Joseph Proctor, University of Montana.
  • Cutting a Dash: Creating a Costume for Nora-Designing Clothes for Gemma O'Connor's SigNora Joyce.
    Charlotte J. Headrick, Oregon State University & Robin Waytenick, MA Candidate, Oregon State University.
  • Theatre in Britain
    Forrest Sears, University of Idaho

Volume 2 - 1994

  • Entertaining Mr. Helms
    Christopher Durang
  • The Training of the Apprentices in Shakespeare's Company.
    David Edgecombe, Ph.D. University of Alaska Anchorage.
  • A Partial History of the Northwest Drama Conference.
    Horace W. Robinson, Ph.D. University of Oregon.
  • Hopffgarten Scenic Studio of Boise
    Jeanette Ross, Boise, ID.
  • Historical Background of the Teatro all'Antica in Sabbioneta, Italy
    George Caldwell, Ph.D. Washington State University.

Volume 1 - 1993 PDF file for North West theartre Review 1993

  • "Otherwise I Must Have Encumbered the Stage with Dead Bodies": Nahum Tate's King Lear.
    Laurilyn J. Harris, Ph.D. Washington State University.
  • Resources for the Study and Replication of Alaskan Native Costume.
    Tara Maginnis, Ph.D. University of Alaska Fairbanks. Bibliographical material by Marcella Brown, September Laakso and Anne McBeth, students at UAF.
  • Co-existence and War Between the Temple and Grand Opera House During Lewiston's, Idaho's Theatre Boom.
    Kristine M. Yates.  MA Candidate, Washington State University.
  • A Paradigm for Securing Arts Agency Funding that Supports the Actor-Teachers Prelude to Theatre Performance for Young Audiences.
    Charles R. Hannum, Ph.D. Albertson College.