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  •  Design Competitions

Welcome to NWDC competition! This competition gives you an opportunity to formally gather and present your design materials and sharpen your design  presentational skills in a safe and positive learning environment. This event is to provide you with a venue to see, hear, share and learn about design for the theatre. You will get to see other works from student designers form regional schools and learn new ways to approach design and presentation.

You will hear a response of your work, and the work of your peers from a Regional and National Respondent. You will be encouraged to share your ideas with other teachers, peers and friends before and after responses.

This event is intended to broaden your learning in design and communication for the theatre. So, take advantage of a great opportunity and enter your work! Good things also come to those who pounce!

There are three categories to enter, so there is definitely something for every designer



KCACTF Competitions

CONTACTS: (For further Information)

Ronn Campbell
Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA

John Hill
Front Range College, Fort Collins CO