Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo


The American Dietetic Association annual conference (FNCE) attracts 6,000-8,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors.  The 2006 FNCE was held in Honolulu, HI for the first time and was attended by Dr. Gee and Dr. Bergman, several current CWU students, and a substantial number of CWU alumni.  Three posters by CWU undergraduates, former graduate students and faculty were presented.  The 2007 FNCE will be held in Philadelphia, PA from Sept. 29 - October 2.  Make your plans to attend this exciting and professionally valuable event.



Dr. Bergman synthesizing Vitamin D while attending the 2006 FNCE.











Dr. Gee and Letitia Damian at their poster (research presented was the study Letetia, Kim McCorquodale, and Amanda Richardson conducted as part of their Experimental Foods Project)


Dr. Gee and Jen Mitchell at their poster.  Her study on the effect of media on body image and dietary intake of teenage girls was her Master's thesis at CWU.