NSC Minutes



Nutrition Science Club Meeting  Tuesday October 3, 2006


*After handing out Ginger Gold apples, President Suzie started the meeting at 5:34.

*Stefanie led us in an icebreaker game that shared about the origins of our names.

*This year’s officers introduced themselves 

Liane Fernyhough-Treasurer

Jackie Eisen- Senator

Tonia Martin- PR

Suzie Bruels- President

Tyra Halverson- Fundraising

Stefanie Harrington- VP

        We have other jobs and committees for members to fill. Talk with Suzie for details.1 

*Suzie took some time to outline the club Purpose and Goals.

We hope to pursue nutrition education in many directions including

   Community- by involvement with FISH food bank

   Education- snacktime project with elementary school classroom

   Awareness- Outreach on campus

*We have improved our Nutrition Science Club web-site. http://www.cwu.edu/~nutritionclub  You can get information about the club, activities past and present, calendar, minutes of meetings, addresses of ADA, internships, etc.  

*Liane spoke about CWU International Chapter of NSC.  This is a separate organization from Nutrition Science Club.  But we are cooperative and all members are invited to join both groups. 

*T-shirt design contest.  To continue our official club t-shirts, we will chose a design for 2006-2007. Anyone may submit a design idea.  There will be an envelope to submit your idea on our bulletin board, near food labs.  All entries will be collected by October 10.  Finalists will be posted for viewing and voting, starting Wed, Oct 11. All members in good standing are encouraged to vote, one time per member, before Oct 13.

*Annual Seattle Food Businesses tour is Friday Oct 20.  All reservations for students have already been filled. We will report on the trip at next meeting.   

*Tonia shared about the ADA Convention in Hawaii. There were about 6,000 members and 200 vendors in attendance.  Dr. Gee added info and reminded our club members that we are eligible to join ADA at a discounted student rate.  Students may go to Washington state convention in 2007 and national ADA convention in Philadelphia next summer.

*Dues- we will collect dues from all members this year.  The fee is $5 per quarter or $15 per academic year.  Pay Liane soon. We have plans to use your money for fun activities that will recompense you. Make checks payable to Nutrition Science Club.   

*October group exercise is “Hike the Ridge” on Sunday, Oct 15 at noon.  Everyone is invited to come along. * Meet at Nicholson Pavilion parking lot.

*There was an official member sign-up sheet on the front counter.  We will use this for our membership list and official contacts - i.e. e-mail and phone numbers.     

*Our meetings will be the first Tuesday of each month, in the evening. Next meeting is Tuesday, Nov 7 at 6:00.  Check website & watch for signs as to location and activities.

*Meeting was adjourned at 6:20, followed by the Internship information meeting at 6:30.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Hirst Secretary NSC 


*Other  unofficial comments

*1- Add- greeter, hostesses for refreshments, monthly Physical Activity coordinator.                  Fundraiser ideas presented- Auction to   Rent a Dietitian

*well trained dogs included.