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National Science Foundation Research Experience: Student Comments

Student Assessment Comments:

"The whole group effort of my team was outstanding. What was even better was the multi-disciplinary aspect, it assured that usually at least one person knew what the harry heck was going on... Furthermore, working in a group brought about greater discussion of particular problems or thoughts. It was a tremendous learning experience. "
"The entire experience was great: the pressure, the work, the trip, the process, the groups, the mentors."
"Groups/teams are far preferable to individual projects, because the "real world", particularly in business, requires such collaborative efforts."
"The Lectures were very helpful, you guys picked a very diverse group of people to give the program dimension, the mentors all seem to be interested in China, and problems were solved in a very timely manner. "
"Group meetings and brainstorming sessions to develop the research proposal were great, as was the overall experience of researching, modifying, and narrowing down a topic of study."
"Our group worked really well together. We were such a diverse group that we all had something different to offer. "
"Going to China and learning to deal with bureaucrats, learning to talk in circles and make connections is great learning... field experience is also absolutely essential. "
"Best things: Going to China for a month and seeing it in a research environment, float trips down the Yakima River, conversations and interactions with extremely bright fellow students, and the process of evaluating and revising a (nearly, anyway) publication-quality paper. "
"Going to China: Meeting people from the entire country who have such varying backgrounds. "
"I enjoyed the freedom my mentor gave in choosing the direction of our research project and paper. The feedback she gave was excellent, and when we asked questions she was more than willing to answer them. I enjoyed the rapport I developed with my mentor - she treated us as equals, as her peer, and that made the writing and post-field stage quite pleasant. "
"I loved This program, and I got a lot out of it, more than I expected or desired... it is a wonderful program."
"The program solidified my desire to pursue a career related to China, its development, and the environment. "
"I loved being part of the sociology sub-group. Teamwork really offred a great chance to learn about working effectively with other people. This was one of the aspects of the program that I had been most excited about, and I was very pleased with the outcome. "

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