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Ellensburg takes a look at its budget

by Steven Rogers

Kittitas County is facing a problem that could make access to health care impossible for some residents.

Hospitals and physicians are turning down patients who attempt to use federal health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

These programs are only paying for a portion of services which often leaves the rest of the bill unpaid.

Public Health Department Administrator Cathy Bambrick says places like Kittitas Valley Community Hospital can no longer afford to be left with nearly half the costs

Ellensburg businesses up in arms over bar patron behavior

by John Dahl

Ellensburg businesses are burning over downtown bar patron’s behavior.

Last week intoxicated bar attendies broke a window of a local business.

Later that same week an unamed assailant set a planter on fire outside Ellensburg Embroidery.

Concerned business owners proposed a Good Neighbor Policy, that would require bars to be accountable for the actions of their patrons.

Executive Director of the Ellensburg Downtown Association, Timothy Bishop thinks the local bars need to step up and be responsible.

New ban stirs Cattlemen's Association concerns

by Danielle Decato

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association are concerned over the new feed ban brought on by the Food and Drug Administration.

The new ban would make it hard to dispose of carcasses and cause extra financial burdens on ranchers.

The FDA is giving ranchers time to comply with new regulations and are allowing time for alternative disposail methods.

Since 1997 the US has prohibited ruminant feeds wich people feared caused mad cow disease.

Cattlemen host annual Field day

by Katie Evans

Kittitas County Cattlemens assosiation is hosting their annual Field day on Thursday May 21 st at 4 p.m.

Field day is open to the public, it honors local ranchers for all of the hard work they’ve done. 

Field day starts at 4 p.m. with cattle handling demonstration that will be followed by dinner starting at 5 p.m. 

The event will be held at Kittitas county cattlemen of the year award winner Scott Gress’s Thorp ranch. 

Ranchers compensated for animal attacks

by Charles N. Wainger

Washington legislation passed bill 1778, offering commercial livestock rancher’s financial compensation for wolf or cougar attacks on their livestock.

According to Executive Vice President of the Washington’s Cattlemen’s Association, Jack Field, Kittitas Valley livestock is most prone to cougar and wolf attacks.

Although the bill has been passed, funding is low, but Field believes in the next two years 50-thousaind dollars will be available to begin compensation.

Anyone interested in cattle compensation should get involved by contacting the Fish and Wildlife Department … the more involved the more likely are positive results.








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