Sage Uebelacker--Journal --Selected Items

June 18, 2001
Today I was oriented with the general information about my job.  I attended a management meeting and met most of the team managers.  I also got my voice mail squared away, and made sure my computer was up and running.  The largest portion of my day was learning about all of the files I will be dealing with over the next six weeks. I know where I need to look for
complaints that are at least two years old, and I know all of the file cabinets where I will find the complaint files.  I was also given an overview of the training I will be attending over the next few months. There is quite a bit of it, and it all seems very exciting.  I honestly don't have much more to report today, just because the few things that I learned took up all of it.  I think I am really going to enjoy it here.

June 18-22
I basically did a whole bunch of reading this week.  I was told when I had nothing to do to read the DOE web page.  I think I read it every day.  I did try to start my project on the 19th.

June 25
I created a form to use when entering data in access.  I'm not going to use Excel because they wanted me to use a form with drop down lists to enter data.

June 26
Read web pages again and waited for them to get their stuff together so I could start entering data.  Finally, in the afternoon I entered data for about two hours.

June 27-29
I entered complaint data into the data base.

July 2-8
I entered data and cross referenced all of the complaints entered to ensure we didn't miss any.

July 9-13
July 10th I cross checked information again.
July 13 I had a couple of meetings and once again kept myself busy by working on complaints.  They had me work on charts, but I didn't know if I was even close to being ready to do this.

July 16-20
I was at air training all week.

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