Karen Hodges Internship Log (Selected Items)

Week 1--June 18 – June 22, 2001
Used Trimble GPS to collect GIS Data.. Matched the farm boundaries perfectly great for our first use of the Trimble. Moved furniture and switched bookcase contents. Changed location of one office so that interns had more room to work. Friday-Manastash Creek water flow meter route with Jill Gallie.

Week 2-- Monday, June 25th, 2001
I checked data loggers on data logger route. I rode with Anna to remove loggers to be brought into the office for downloads. We then returned the data loggers to their respective locations. We will try to plan to do the data logger route every Monday. I also learned to run the folding machine for the brochures for the KCCD mailing list. All interns then labeled and sorted the brochures by Zip Code. We did the Manastash Creek flow and velocity measurements on Friday.

Week 3--July 5th (Thursday) Worked on Excel spreadsheet table for NRCS Soils Map Re-do. I am beginning a new project for NRCS. It involves listing all soils data into an Excel Spreadsheet. The data will reflect the certain code of Prime, State, Unique, and Non-Applicable status. I typed data into a new spreadsheet created for this project. All soils data is to be color-coded dependent on classification.

Friday, July 13th, we did the Manastash Creek Route. I took Aiko with me to check the width, depth and velocity measurements. She learned how to use the depth gauge and also how to set up the flow meter.

Week 4 Monday July 16th
Friday when we did the Manastash Creek flow and velocity measurements we found a very unfriendly rattlesnake at the Brown Road site. We decided that from now on we would all wear long pants on the days we do the Manastash Creek Route. We passed on the measurements for the day, but will definitely be better prepared for next week's route.

Week 5 Monday July 23, 2001, 4:09 PM
Nicole McCoy worked with Aiko, Hilary, and me teaching us some of the techniques she learned at her ArcInfo 8.1 training session, which was held on July 19 and 20. The session was taught by a former 12-year employee of ESRI. We will now try to remember as much as possible. We do have access to the books included with the program. Hilary and I are hoping to get more experience with Arc Info 8 before we take Dr. Hickey’s class in the fall.  It was a great day for GIS!!!

Tuesday July 24th and Wed July 25th. The Snow Level crew from NRCS asked for help at the snow sites installing new electronic equipment. I was the only intern able to go on both days. Hilary and Nicole went to a Remote Sensing seminar in Bellevue. The work with the snow crew was hard but very interesting. I am amazed at the technologies being utilized. The communication system does not use satellites, instead, it uses meteor trails. It is aimed towards the sky at a 450 angle and bounces off the comet trails back to the base. The snow depth gauges and moisture sensors are also first rate. I plan to do a paper on just the work I did with the snow survey crew.

July 26
Had planned to go with the snow crew up to either Colockum or Sasse Creek. They did not need extra help so I stayed at the office. I read the data that Hilary and Nicole brought from the remote sensing seminar. The applications for GIS continue to improve. Thurs afternoon I went out to do field work with Jill and Anna. We installed moisture sensors on Tom Bull’s Thrall road property. We then did the data logger route and downloaded data. We brought in the logger from Parke Creek drain, downloaded the data and reloaded so they would start back up at 5:00 pm. I used the waders to get to some of the dataloggers that were under water. When we came back to the office, Jill showed me how to download into Boxcar (HOBO) and Specware 5.

July 27th
Nancy Hultquist came into visit with the interns today. It was fun to see her again. We discussed some of our projects with her and she spent time with Aiko because she is almost finished.

July 30th and 31st
I helped Nicole with a Beginning Arc View class. She was working with 2 people from the Douglas County Conservation District, Kathleen and Tim. It was fun working with beginners.  On the 31st at noon Hilary took over as training assistant and I went with Allen Aronica to CWU. He gave an introductory talk about GIS and how it can be used with farm work and planning. I showed the students examples of GIS work and answered some of their question. We then went on a farm tour of the valley. We went to Bob Schnebly’s, Ron Gibb’s, and Tom Bull’s places. We showed the Resource class how the new sprinkler systems work (linear). Allen explained some of the problems involved and how they have been solved. We discussed the different soil properties in various sections of the Kittitas valley. This was a fun tour and we had our pictures taken many times. We met some new people and hopefully encouraged a new perspective about farming.

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