Aiko Watanabe--Internship Log  (Selected items)

6/25/01 (Mon.) 1:00-5:00
I  was just watching what Hilary was doing.  Hilary explained to me that she had a problem with the projection of DRGs on last Friday, and she is trying to find out the projection.  She also explained how to put contour interval when you derive contours.  We helped to send the newsletters to people.  We put address labels on the letters and sorted them.

6/27 (Wed.) 9:00-2:00
 We went collecting water samples.  It was raining till 1:00 p.m.  My job was putting the thermometers in the creek and in the air to measure the water temperature and air temperature.  However, I dropped the thermometer in the creek, and it just flew away…….the creek was flowing very fast because of rain.

7/6 (Fri) 9:00-12:00
 Nicole trained Karen and me how to make farm plan maps for farmers.  After she explained, we tried to make a farm plan map for practice.

7/9 (Mon.) 10:00-4:00
 I made Farm plan maps.

7/12 (Thurs.) 1:00-5:00
 I organized my notes for farm plan maps.  We went to field to put soil moisture loggers and temperature data loggers in the field.  We also went to get data from creek.

7/13 (Fri.) 9:00-4:00
 Karen and I went to Manastash creek to measure with a flow meter.  We went to Allen’s place to get data in the creek.

7/18 (Wed.) 9:30-5:00
 I started making route maps for water sampling sites.  Hilary and I made notebooks for GIS training for Nicole.

7/20 (Fri.) 10:00-4:30
 I was doing my project (routes map).   Hilary and I put more stuff for notebooks for training.  We went to take pictures in the field.

7/26 (Thurs.) 9:30-5:00
 I was doing my project.  I asked Jill and Anna to make sure the sampling sites are correct.  Nicole helped me to make the table.

7/27 (Fri.) 8:00-2:30
 Nancy came to visit us.  We showed her what we have been doing.  We went to have lunch together.  Karen and I went to measure Manastash flow after lunch, but we forgot to bring the tape, so we had to go back to the office. We decided to do measuring on Monday.

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