Selected items from Travis's journal -- that actually started before summer. I tried to pull out the redundant entries. (nbh)

5/14/02 Hilary and I spent the whole time in the field. She showed me how to take stream flow measurments and we did that for the whole day. It was fun and quite interesting.

5/16/02 Today Hilary and I spent the day collecting stream flow data once again. We found all the sites and took almost all the measurments that we needed. In one of the farmers fields there were some loose cattle and we accidentally let two of them out. We told the farmer's wife and she said it was all right because some of those "dang heifers, are pretty dense".

6/24/02  Started today by entering data from last week into an excel spreadsheet.  Later Jill and I went out to a riparian restoration site and talked with the land owner.

6/26/02  I went out to the riparian site on Taneum creek and spent a few hours pulling weeds and watering the newly planted aspen and chokecherry trees. Later Jill and I went and installed some soil moisture sensors and panels in a few different sites.

6/28/02  Jill and I installed more soil moisture sensors. For the second half of the day we installed a few stream temperature loggers and scouted for a couple additional sites.

7/1/02   Jill and I went to Teanaway and met with a land owner. She gave us permission to install temperature loggers from her property.

7/2/02  We installed some more soil moisture loggers. Very, Very hot!

7/3/02  Today was extremely windy. Jill and I downloaded data from a few of the panels that we had installed.

7/9/02 Today Iwent out by myself to do flow measurments. for the second half of the day I went to the riparian site and watered the plants.

7/10/02 After spending the day outside flow metering with Carol Ready, it was nice to be inside entering data for the first part of the day. Anna and Jill had recently gone out and collected some water samples that needed to be entered into the computer.

7/11/02 This morning Jill and I went out to Don Rhienhart's place and set up a soil moisture sensor and an air temperature sensor. In the afternoon I went to Ranch & Home to pick up some more supplies for making the soil moisture sensors.

7/16/02 I started by calling around to local businesses and seeing whether or not they needed any small ranch manuals. We have these at several different sites in Ellensburg, Kittitas, and Cle Elum. They are free handouts for farmers filled with information and techniques that can both help them and the environment. Later in the afternoon I delivered a few of them.

7/17/02 Anna had me go out to a homeowner's place to work on a revegetation site that had recently been planted. I spent several hours outside working right next to Taneum creek. It was a very hot day and it was very refreshing to be alongside the creek. The site had several small trees and shrubs that needed to be pruned and watered.

7/18/02 Jill and I went up to the Teanaway district to look for good sites to place water temperature gauges. It was a cool drive and we found plenty of good sites.

7/19/02 This morning Jill and I left early to Teanaway and took care of the water temperature monitor installation.

7/23/02 Today I went out to do flow metering for Carol Ready. The last few times I have done this it has been on my own. It's pretty cool. I start in the north side of the valley and work my way south measuring at different spots along the way. It usually takes me about five to six hours and I don't usually have time to do anything else.

7/24/02 I spent the morning entering data for Anna and Jill. Later, I went out to the Taneum revegetation site to check on the plants.

7/25/02 Today was very hot and Jill and I spent a good majority of the day outside doing soil moisture installations. The farmers were all appreciative and very helpful. I guess I probably would be to if I had free help from the government.

7/29/02 Jill and I went out to collect data from a few different sites. Everything looked good and it looked like all the farmers were doing a good job of watering. Also it looked like they had all been using there sensors. Later we went back to the office and downloaded the data.

7/30/02 We did one more soil moisture set up today.  It looks like the farmers are all set up until the next cutting. Anna and Jill said that the busy season is pretty close and they would be needing me very much anymore.

7/31/02 Today all I did was water the plants out at the Taneum site.

8/6/02 Today I went out to flow meter for Carol. I will be doing more later.