7/1/02 – continued working with inventory tables. Began writing letters for agency with capital facilities in Douglas County (i.e., solid waste, parks and rec., schools, etc.

7/2/02 – finished up inventory and letter sent and mailed to the different agencies.

7/3/02 – working with assessor’s files finding which parcels have parks or schools on them. This will be used later with GIS.

7/5/02 – continued working with assessor’s files. Updated files on some of the parks that had returned their updated inventory.

7/8/02 – Still working on new database with assessor’s files on Excel.

7/9/02 – Continued with sorting through assessor’s files for capital facilities.

7/10/02 – Continued with working on new database on Excel from assessor’s files. Also have started to work with ArcView 3.1a.

7/11/02 – The new capital facilities database on Excel imported to MS Access 97. Inserted pictures as embedded files to go with their respected parcel numbers.

7/12/02 – Continuing work with Access and inserting pictures. Also going through and looking for private service facilities, i.e. nursing homes, etc. Have been able to import the Access file to ArcView, but the pictures that are embedded are not moving over. Will continue next on working on how to import the pictures.

7/15/02 – Working on the database of assessor’s records in Access and still adding photos as they are being taken.

7/16/02 – updated inventory lists, and still working on Access database. Also trying to attach or link photo into ArcView. Did find out how to hotlink photos.

7/17/02 – made a Excel file of county code that can be used for quick reference by the planners.

7/18/02 – continued working with the Excel file for county code.

7/19/02 – Did some copying and mailing of notices for the county.

7/22/02 – Working with terascan, the assessor’s database. I am finding out what parcels from a list that are deleted become in new parcel numbers. This list is from a database that is being used with GIS to show where growth in E. Wenatchee has occurred since 1995.

7/23/02 – Continue working finding out what the new parcel numbers are for deleted files.

7/24/02 – Continue working with assessor’s file for deleted files and inputting the correct ones into database. Started working on a different database by adding in township, range, and section numbers as well as adding in other information like DOR, and putting in what each one is, i.e. single family home or multi family with an appropriate representative number.

7/25/02 – Took pictures of capital facilities in Waterville and Mansfield. Finished working with the bad parcel numbers after going to E. Wenatchee planning dept. Then continued on with the database that I am inputting township, range, etc.

7/29/02 – Folded and stamped mailings, worked with the 2002 updates and building permits that are going to be used with ArcView to show growth patterns.

7/30/02 – updates and building permits

7/31/02 – copying and making file folders for planning commission agendas, minutes and other related items. Also made file folders for Douglas County Comprehensive Plan.

8/1/02 – Digitizing polygons that will have description of the coverage along the shoreline, i.e. trees, lawn, shrub, gravel, buildings, etc.

8/2/02 – Digitizing with ArcView.

8/5/02 – Digitizing shoreline, editing attributes, adding the zoning and shoreline designation. Went to a meeting that was about the GIS implementation plan.

8/6/02 – digitizing shoreline

8/7/02 – Digitizing shoreline and mailings

8/8/02 – Digitizing shoreline, putting papers into plastic covers and into binder, copying, typing up docket notices / application so that it can be put online.

8/9/02 – mailings, photocopying, digitizing, transfer/copy land use chart from Excel to word.

8/12/02 – Digitizing shoreline; editing attributes. Called Bridgeport school district and Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to remind them of needing updates for capital facilities. Updated what I received in capital facilities worksheets.

8/13/02 – digitizing shoreline, and updating capital facilities worksheets

8/14/02 – Digitizing shoreline; network went down while trying to save data.

8/15/02 – Started over on the Digitizing of shoreline because the file I was using became corrupted because of the network going down the day before (someone cut the fiber optic line). I had no other saved one, and I should have had a back-up.

8/16/02 – Digitizing shoreline.