DRAFT-- please send me titles and names of people on this page...and I will update.
Below are a number of pictures I took at the Battelle Campus at Richland, WA this summer when I visited Rose Ferri during a poster session.  There was one other CWU student there (whose name I have forgotten) who is a Computer Science and Psychology student.  You will see her below, and I will find out her name.  I'm putting these up and
sending the web  page to Royace Akins and Rosalie Ferri with hopes they will let you know you are here, and you can right click on your image and download it to your own computer.

I have a few of your emails, so I will send this url to those I have.  Please if you see someone you know, pass along
the information.

  The view from the library Poster location.

John H. Park-ESIX: Electrically Switched Ion Exchange

Heather Robinson

Jill and her database project

Jamie Lemus- Targeted Gene Deletion in Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1

CWU Student (CS  & Psy major)

I have forgotten this fellow's name..did the Security System research.

Click CWU Interns 2000 to see where Rose Ferri's stuff is displayed (and the stratigraphy from the Clastic Dike project).

for any comments, email to nancyh@cwu.edu