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Department of Law and Justice




Winter 2007



LAJ 401


Instructor:      James Roberts                       Email:             robertsj@cwu.edu

Phone:              963-2990                    

Office:              Psych. 457                               Office hour:      M-Th 9-10, 11-12 or by appt.


Instructor:      Dr. Rodrigo Murataya          Email:             murataya@cwu.edu

Phone:              963-3667                                 Phone:              963-3720 @ YVCC   

Office:              Psych. 458                               Office hour:      TTH 11:00 a.m.- 12:00

Office:              DHEC @ (YVCC)                  Office hour:      MTWTH 4:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.



Students will understand at least four traditional ethical theories and learn how to apply them in police and corrections work.  They will apply ethical rules to a wide variety of situations likely to occur in practical work settings.  Students will view criminal justice from the point of view of diverse cultures; and learn methods of performing criminal justice job tasks in a culturally responsive manner.  Through exposure to theory and practical techniques, students will develop skills in managing and resolving conflict.



1.      It is mandatory that you attend class on time every session.  Class begins promptly at 12:00 and ends at 1:40 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday beginning January 4, 2007 and ending March 8th.  Failing to attend and participate in class will severely impact your grade.

2.      Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  This includes, but is not limited to; Non constructive and/or inappropriate comments and/or behavior, arriving late or leaving early and failing to turn off audible pagers and/or cell phones.

3.     If you miss class for any reason, you will be responsible for obtaining the information, handouts, and/or materials you miss due to your absence.  Extra credit may be available at the discretion of the instructor.

4.      Students are expected to be prepared by reading all assignments in advance and completing any written work or class exercises on schedule.

5.      Students are expected to participate in class discussions and exercises.





A midterm examination worth 40% of the final grade will be given, along with occasional participatory skill development exercises.


During the term, reflection papers will be required on some of the readings.  The particular article to be reflected on will be assigned the day the reflection paper is due.   A reflection paper is basically a method that we will utilize to ensure that the student is getting the full benefit of the educational experience.  The reflection paper will also allow us to gain insight into what the student felt was important, how the students might have been impacted and how they interpreted the readings.


The reflection papers will be typed, several paragraphs in length,  (perhaps a page), and will assigned on selected articles.  If students wish to acquire extra credit, additional reflection papers can be submitted to the instructors.  The reflection papers will comprise 10% of the final grade.


Students have the option of turning in their written assignments to either instructor.  If you chose to submit your assignments to professor Jim Roberts, you will be able to hand in the assignment to him.  If you prefer to have Professor Murataya grade your written assignments you will be required to submit your assignments via email to the following email address:   murataya@cwu.edu.  Please be prepared to stick with the same grading instructor throughout the quarter.


The course will end with a final examination worth 40% of the final grade.


Group participation is to be graded by peer review and will encompass 10% of the final grade.


Grades will be based on a curve.  There will be adjustments to the final grade for class participation. 







Assigned Text: ETHICS, DIVERSITY, AND CONFLICT IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE, available as a coursepack from the University Store, SUB.


Week 1-2: Pages                      1-26                             Jim/Rodrigo      USE OF HANDOUTS


Week 3: Pages             27-74                           Rodrigo


Week 4: Pages             75-100 and 141-178    Jim


Week 5: Pages             101-140 and 179-202  Rodrigo


Week 6: Pages             285-344                       Rodrigo


Thursday, February 8th MIDTERM EXAM


Week 7: Pages             203-284                       Jim


Week 8: Pages             345-416                       Jim


Week 9: Pages             417- 422                      Rodrigo


Week 10: Pages                       423-433                       Jim



Thursday, March  8th FINAL EXAM

Policy on Academic Dishonesty:

Students choosing law related careers are expected to meet rigorous standards of honesty.  Students are on their honor to avoid “Proscribed Conduct” as defined by the “Student Judicial Code”.  http://www.cwu.edu/~catalogs/01_appendix.html#judicial Violations of this section will result in a failing grade in the course in addition to possible further university sanctions.


Policy on Diversity:

University-level education is about broadening horizons and looking at academic issues from a variety of perspectives.  With this in mind, the participants in this class are encouraged to bring their own life experiences and viewpoints to bear on classroom discussions and assignments.  Along with the freedom to express one's own view comes the responsibility of being sensitive to race, ethnicity, age, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, martial-status, or political ideology.


Policy on Sexual Harassment:

It is the policy of CWU to maintain a work and academic community free from sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment violates state and federal law and will not be tolerated.  Refer to http://catalog.cwu.acalog.com/content.php?catoid=6&page=appendix_a.html  for definitions and procedures.


ADA Statement:

Students who have special needs or disabilities that may effect their ability to access information or material presented in this course are encouraged to contact me or the ADA Compliance Officer and Director on the Ellensburg campus at 509-963-2171 for additional disability related educational accommodations.

























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