Central Washington University - Law and Justice Professor

Dr. Rodrigo Murataya

Dr. Murataya graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice and then went on to obtain a Master of Public Administration from the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington.  Dr. Murataya obtained his Ph.D. from Gonzaga University in Leadership Studies.  He has worked as a security officer, as a police officer for the city of Mabton and was later the Community Development officer for the Zillah Police department.  He has also worked as a fraud investigator and a Housing Officer for the Sunnyside Housing Authority.  He has strong research interests in the Mexican criminal justice system; up until now has been researching the treatment of United States citizens incarcerated in Mexican prisons.  He has also conducted surveys in Guadalajara, Jalisco and Morelia, Michoacán which attempt to measure citizenry satisfaction with police services.  Dr. Murataya has co-authored, published, and presented articles in this area. 

LAJ 300.01 Syllabus for Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice.
LAJ 301.01 Syllabus for Police Personnel Administration.
LAJ 313.01 Syllabus for Introduction to Criminal law.
LAJ 321.01 Syllabus for Investigations.
LAJ 322.01 Syllabus for Police Community Relations.
LAJ 398.01 Syllabus for Ethics Diversity and Conflict.
LAJ 499.01 Syllabus for the senior Seminar.

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