CS 101

Access Database Query Hints


Instructor:  Ms. Moore


Pre-Lecture 10:  Access Query Hints
Assignment Hint
Add Query ExercisePerDay to Design of Query CaloriesAndWeight In Design Area,
Right-Click -> Show Table
Link WeightLog.Date to ExercisePerDay.Date On my main Web Page,
In Pre-Lecture and Lab Work Documents,
Click Access Database Information Link.
Scroll until find how to Create a Relationship.
Add ExercisePerDay.SumOfCalories to list of Query fields Think:  Field Drag & Drop.
Question 4) / 5)

(I had originally mis-typed the Question Numbers,
so you may have the last number as 4 or as 5.)
Look in the Query Datasheet View.
What 4 Fields are in the Query?

Then look in the Query Design View.
Where in the Design View do you see the information for each of the 4 Fields?
From which Table or Query does each of the 4 Fields come?

(The question asks about names of Fields and names of Tables or Queries.  Do you see anything in the Design View that mentions Fields & Tables?)

These questions are asking you to analyze what you see in the different Views.
All of the information you need is shown in the Design View.